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Friday, April 3, 2009

Rabbit Food? No Thanks.

After having cancer you really start to hear all the advice rolling in on how eating right will either cure it or make it never come back. I have had many comments about not having chemo but just eating strange health foods to get well. Those comments are frankly silly to me. This cancer was invasive and killing me. I didn't have 3 weeks left to live according to the specialist I saw. I had not only my husband and myself to think of but three children and one growing inside of me. I knew there was no magic cure. There was no special food that would make this cancer go away. Honestly I found it insulting that someone would endanger my life just to promote their diet.

Now I didn't get many of those bits of advice but they are out there. Do I believe in eating right? Yes I do. I also believe that you live once. You can't go through your whole life eating roots and leaves and twigs. I need substance. I will try to give up things that are terrible for me. But you know what? Every now and again I may eat something fried. *gasp* I eat red meat on occasion. I will enjoy it. I don't want to get to the end of my days and not have enjoyed it. I don't believe you should live on those foods and I think you need to incorporate the good things into your diet. I believe you should get more of the good stuff than the bad stuff...but you know I truly do not believe that any food is bad in moderation. I think it's not the food that is bad but our own greediness that is bad. We can't have just a little portion we need more and more. That's the problem. I am trying to give up my diet Pepsi and not doing too bad mind you! I am getting more and more and water. I'll never totally give up the diet Pepsi. haha I'll reduce and have the occasional splurge.

In a nutshell I basically feel these restrictive diets to prevent cancer or to cure it are unrealistic. If I had a terminal cancer perhaps I might feel differently but you know, even then I think I would just be content to live out what I had left of my life as happy as I could. I am an advocate of eating healthy but I am also an advocate of everything in moderation.


MaryAnne said...

I completely agree with you. I love reading your blog, because you always have such thoughtful, insightful posts.

Stephanie said...

I agree too! Everything in moderation!

Reezen TOT said...

i am amazed with your determination to eat healthy and lead a healthy life.. i give you kudos for it! =)

Hayley/Shu Fen said...

i agree! what's the point of making yourself suffer all your life to live a few years more...but of course some ppl think it's worth it ^^ so you've gotta find your balance here! some ppl think nah i wana enjoy all i can...some ppl think i wana live healthier but i also wana enjoy some..and some think it's worth it to give up all food enjoyment for health. it all depends on what you want! if u think it's worth it, do it! :D i think this applies to all other aspects of life too ^^

Sadie said...

I agree with you. It seems everything "causes cancer" these days anyways, so why not enjoy yourself? As long as you're blood pressure and cholesterol are in check, and you're happy with yourself, live it up, girl! You do a great job of taking care of yourself and your family, and you've beaten cancer! I think you deserve a cheeseburger when you want one. :D

o2bhiking said...

When I was on chemo, my stomach always felt well enough 2 days before chemo that I could enjoy a steak and a cold beer. Anytime before that, it would have all come back up. But I always so looked forward to that. Was it good for me? Not sure, but it sure tastes great. To all things in moderation.