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Friday, May 29, 2009

Gabbi the Christmas Tree

Or something like that. She started getting a little bit of a rash on her neck yesterday. Or I noticed it then anyway. I thought it was from milk dripping down her chin but she was scratching at it a lot. I know rashes can frequently come at the end of a virus. So I wasn't too surprised but watching it closely. Today she is covered in red dots. It started spreading outward from her neck all over her head and down her torso. Poor thing is rubbing her head a lot. I think it's how she scratches it. She doesn't use the fingernails. Still I took her into the doc for a follow up. They checked her ear, declared it was fine and not even sure it was ever infected. Nice hmm? I thought he looked at her ear really fast that day. Anyway they were concerned that the rash came right after starting the antibiotic and wanted to be sure it wasn't an allergic reaction. So they told me to stop giving it to her. She has been fine with no fever, but slightly more irritable than usual. It's been a fun week! Let me tell you. She's got some slightly yellow palms and feet. Now the doc said she wouldn't have even noticed if I didn't point it out. But it's there. I think it's from too many veggies. She's allergic to milk so it's hard to give her any of the family dinner. She tends to eat lots of peas, some carrots but honestly not a ton. Mostly tons of peas and I was giving her fruit loops. My 7 year old Angel turned orange from too much Vitamin A when she was about this age....but still it's nervewracking because I do worry. The doc said she wasn't too concerned. The eyes are still white as can be. She goes in for her 18 month check up in 2 weeks and we'll follow up with everything then. Oh the joys of having babies! They don't tell you about all the worrying until AFTER you have kids. haha


Eddie Garcia said...

Congratulations on your remission. I pray it will stay that way for as long as you live. My wife has had 3 bouts with breast cancer and her last bout was eradicated by infusion. She has been cancer free for about 1 1/2 years now and we are so blessed to still have her with us. I am so thankful that you gave birth to a healthy child while being on chemo. You are still young so hang in there and I will look forward to your next post.

Friends 4 Life!

sheila said...

Sounds to me like she might have had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics - my son had a reaction to to one once and turned into a spotted, welted mess. I gave him some benadryl and took him to the er because it looked so bad but he was fine.

Sherri said...

Oh...if only we were told about all the worrying. I was just saying the other day that it just doesn't get any easier. Just when I think it is, I'm having the teenager (almost 14) wanting to be a little more independent and that is so hard. Can I please put them in a bubble?

Kristen said...

Woo hoo! 1 year...and a baby with a rash...yikes! We're dealing with food allergies too!