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Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Fever, Strawberries and Morels

Gabbi is feeling much better today. I wouldn't say she is 100% yet. She took a really long nap and she's been poking at her ear a bit but otherwise no fever and she does seem less cranky. This is good news!

Last night on the way home from the doc I was waiting for her prescription to filled so swung over by Kroger. I picked up a few grocery items including strawberries. I just loooove strawberries. Anybody with me on this one? I am eating them now and honestly I think they taste better than usual. It must be because they are in season. The strawberries over the winter I don't like as much. I think once they are refrigerated they lose flavor. That juicy sweetness becomes too firm..and cold. haha I am this way about tomatoes too. Do NOT refrigerate! They lose their flavor. They get a weird texture. I hate that I have to wait until July/August for fresh garden tomatoes. I get tons from my dad.

In other hmmm fungus news...have you heard of Morel mushrooms? I was going to call them a vegetable there and suddenly realized my error. haha Mushroom are a fungus right? I could be wrong. Regardless these mushrooms have a very very short season and are hard to find. Finding them is like gold around here. Seriously. I used to eat them all the time because my dad hunts them. Yes. Hunts. It's a hunt really! But they are tasty. I like them. I eat them fried. I realize this defeats the point of healthy but boy are they good. They just had a festival in the town 10 miles over that I believed they called a Morel Mushroom Festival. (seriously) They sold these things for $50 for a half a pound!! I told my dad I hoped he was enjoying his delicacy 5 nights a week! He found a bunch and the season appears to have ended. I can't even imagine. I never realized how much these things were worth! I grew up on them. I used to hunt them myself. I didn't get any this year. But now that I know how much they are worth I think I'd probably try to either enjoy them a little more, taking it a little slower while eating or just put them in a bag and sell them!


Sandee said...

I'm glad Gabbi is much better. I hope the two of you got lots of sleep last night.

I too love strawberries. My favorite fruit. I also love mushrooms too, but not sure I've tried Morel mushrooms though.

Have a terrific day. :)

Unknown said...

Glad to hear Gabbi is feeling better :)

Come on over to my blog and grab your award :)

Daisy said...

Ohh! Strawberries is a fave of mine too! Kinda hard to buy in my town though I need to drive an hour to a shop to grab them.

Glad to read Gabbi is better indeed!

Btw, I pass by here everyday to click on your adgitize ads!

Wishing good health to both of you...


Melissa said...

I am unsure if I have had that particular mushroom, but I like mushrooms. No to strawberries, I was allergic as a child, and just never got into them. I am glad Gabbi is feeling better.

Mara said...

Great to hear Gabbi's feeling better. :)
I am with you in loving strawberries and tomatoes!! :D

Sherri said...

I'm glad Gabbi is feeling much better:) I can't wait to pick strawberries soon myself. I love to put them on my cereal:)

Laura said...

I love strawberries, any berry for that matter. I never tried a morel, at least as far as I know. Glad to hear Gabbi is feeling better.