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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cool....and Coocoo!

That's Gabbi's new favorite word. She loves to say cool. I know I had pretty much everything to do with it. I took her outside the other night and we watched lightening bugs together. I gasp and say cool when they blink and now she does the same. She says cool to anything new or exciting. I do that with her. She is learning language FAST right now so I think words need to be chosen carefully as well. We were watching Hancock last night with Will Smith which is a decent movie I think. He gets repeatedly called a certain foul word. (haha) Luckily she did NOT repeat that one. I didn't really think about her even paying attention to the movie honestly. But later in the movie Charlize Theron's character gets mad at Hancock when he calls her a crazy woman. She says "Call me crazy ONE more time." Hancock then says "Coo coo!" And right on cue, Gabriella looks up at me and in a high pitched cute little voice repeats "Coo coo!" So yes...I think perhaps it's time to remove her from the room if less than desirable language is being spoken during a movie. It was adorable though!


Anonymous said...

they usually only repeat foul language in church or in some other place or in company that won't think its very funny!

MaryAnne said...

I always get nervous about my toddlers picking up bad language from movies.

I bet Gabbi's "cool" sounds super cute!

GypsyFox said...

AWWWW LOL that's so "COOL" hahahha I love it when My daughter says "Aweshome" hehehe & the other funny one is "what the heck?' or "jerk" lmaohehehe I lvoe it so much! xoxo Happy Saturday

StacieinAtlanta said...

My daughter calls cookies Coocoo's. I love hearing her say the word. That sweet baby voice!