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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pigging Out, Homework and More

First of all I have felt SO hungry all day. I want to eat and eat. I don't think I have actually. For supper though I had some yogurt, an all beef hot dog, some corn and a few Doritos. Seriously!!! This was my healthy dinner. A strange combination of junk. Still, I could eat more. I am wanting to munch today. It appears as though I go through phases. Some days I won't get the urge to snack. Other days it's like I cannot get enough. I am not sure what it is. Might be a woman thing. haha

I also have so much homework to do. Ok, maybe not all homework. Technically I have one project to do in my math class. I had to find a house for sell. I had to call a Realtor. I had to find out the annual taxes on the house I chose. I had to call a lender/banker/creditor and find out the closing costs on that house and what it includes. Then I had to find out the square footage and other details on the house and then I have to find an amortization calculator online, put in this info for a 15 year loan, find out the monthly payments, do the same for a 30 year fixed rate find out the payments, then I have to find out how much I would save if it payed an extra $100 per month on the loan. Oh and this is all if I pay 10% down first. Ummmm yeah. I am having the hubby help me. I have to put this all in a word document and then I have to write a bunch of stuff about it. It's gonna be fun! I made all the calls. I just have to put it together now and get it into the calculator and pray it all comes out right.

I am also somehow in the midst of all this studying for a Psychology midterm and dealing with Mikayla being sick again. She has IBD or IBS or something. The miralax helped for a while but she got sick again and now I am not sure what to do. The deal is that something is wrong in her digestive system and always has been. It has gotten worse, not better with time and now she is being sent to a GI specialist. She had blood drawn today and showed some borderline signs of dehydration from everything coming out both sides. She has been doing much better and got some fluids in. If she gets sick again however this weekend she has to be admitted to the hospital. I have been deal with her tummy issues for SO long. They come and go like you would read about in Crohn's Disease or I am wondering very seriously if this is what is going on. The nausea comes from the tummy aches and diarreah. This is what I am trying to deal with today. It's not been fun. I hope to get some Psychology studying done!


o2bhiking said...

Hi Sandi - the class and assignment sounds like a lot more fun than dealing with your daughter's illness. I hope she feels better soon. Poor little thing! Art

A.Marie said...

Oh wow...not to alarm you, but your daughter's symptoms sound alot like what I had when I was younger. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease, but not until I was much older (19). The best way to test for any inflammatory bowel disease is by having a complete CBC done; they'll want to see what the white blood cell count is.

But, it also could be something much less "scary," so just think positive and hopefully everything will turn out okay! :)