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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Radiation Experience and My Dad's Birthday

I have noticed from reading a lot of other people's stories of radiation that they have some sort of net like mask over their head and face to hold the head into place. I did not have this done and am pretty thankful actually as I do not think I would like it too much. It is something at least similar to this pic...but I cannot say positively because again I have no experience other than reading others stories. If you have a personal experience with it, please feel free to share. I like having the info.

I had more of a body mold done. It went from my upper shoulder area down to my waist. This thing confused me from day one. I was put onto the table for the radiation on top of this what I thought was like a mat. Then when they had me into place the thing started to tighten and form around my body. I have no idea how. Yeah I will probably learn one day but I really do not know. Maybe one of my readers does? The thing resembled white Styrofoam in the end. Mine was not blue like the ladies below. The mold was so that each day my body would be in the exact same position. They would get out my mold, put it on the table and I would lie down in it. Then they'd poke me into position quite literally. They would just push me with their fingers and line up my big black x's that I had drawn onto my chest and side.

The treatment itself lasted maybe 5 minutes. There were high pitched sounds and clicks and then it was done. There are more details that I will go into later. You see the "s" on my laptop has went out. So for every single "S" I type, I am using the onscreen keyboard and's getting annoying. haha I plan on getting a new laptop soon. Until then I wanted to post a couple pics that resemble what my radiation treatment was like. I found a good one with a body mold on the table. The machine is huge and can rotate all the way around you. I never had a single side effect that I know of. No burns, no throat issues, no blisters. I don't know why but I got by really easy throughout radiation. I am so relieved because I have heard of some bad side effects.

I also wanted to wish my dad a very happy birthday today. He's still not feeling well. I hope we get things figured out with him soon.


Sandee said...

I didn't know most of this. Thanks for letting me know. It sounds very scary. Necessary, but scary.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Sandi's Dad,
Happy Birthday to you.

I hope they get things figured out with your day too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Beth said...

thanks, this is good info. I am having my last chemo tomorrow, so will be starting to thing about radiation soon - I don't know much about it (yet)! We do learn a lot on this journey, don't we... have a good day!

Hitesh Rawat said...

Best wishes to you dad........

and wanted to tell that those machines are'll die just feeling close to me....:)

they feel like those transformers robots....big and can move....

woo hoo........\,,,/

MaryAnne said...

Happy (late) Birthday to your dad! I'm sorry to hear that he still isn't feeling well.

One of my good friends is 16 weeks pregnant and just got diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It's nice to know someone (in blogland at least) who's been through something similar and is doing well now.

Kris said...

Hey, Sandi...I don't know what this says about my experience, but they didn't even put a foam thingy underneath me. They gave me a little dot tattoo on my chest and lined that up with something in the machine. I always worried about whether they were getting it the same each time.

Do you know how big the field was that you had radiated in relation to your initial tumor size? This is another question I've been mulling over in my mind in regards to my experience. We *might* need to email each other again! LOL

Beth L. Gainer said...

Yeah, I didn't have that netting thing-a-ma-jig on my face either. Unlike many women I've heard from, I was not afraid of the radiation machine. It gave me a break from walking while I was enduring radiation and chemotherapy simultaneously.

Of course, there were times I felt I was going to barf or my colon was going to explode, so was hard to lay there even for five minutes at times.

I'm glad you and baby are doing fine.

Zephyr Girl said...

happy birthday to your lovely dad.

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