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Monday, August 31, 2009

Daycare and A Mistake I've Been Waiting For

It is kind of sad when you expect a mistake to be made so you try extra hard to prevent it. You warn all those involved, stress the importance and yet it still happens. For those who are not aware Gabbi has had a milk allergy pretty much all her life. Unfortunately for her it took us 4 months of her life to really figure it out. By then she would profusely vomit anything that had milk in it. Depending on the quantity of milk she'd throw up more or less, followed by other unsightly reactions.

The doctor ordered an allergy test which was in itself horrible. Gabbi had a blood test for it on Friday and I am anxiously awaiting the results. The doc said kids can outgrow milk allergies (not to be confused with lactose intolerance).

Anyway back to my point. Today at daycare Gabbi stole another kid's cookie. Yes just as I feared even though I stressed to them there that she would absolutely steal another kid's food and that she could get very ill from anything that even has milk in it, she still managed to get a kid's cookie into her mouth. She wasn't about to give it up either and they could not get it out of her mouth.

Here's the kicker. Since of course we have given her no milk in ages we have no idea if she has outgrown the allergy or not. We are waiting on the results of the test that I am now very happy to have done. This cookie was eaten at around 9:45 a.m. and she is fine. Not so much as a tummy ache. I am thinking this could be a good sign. I would love to be able to introduce some new foods to her. It would make her life and mine so much easier!


Sandee said...

I've got my fingers crossed that she's okay with milk now. Her not being sick is a good indication.

Have a terrific day Sandi. :)

FPIESmommy said...

I have that fear too. It hasn't happened to us yet, but I am always waiting for the phone call that will tell me that "A" grabbed someone else's milk or cookie. Hope that you are still reaction free.

Jackie said...

How wonderful for her if she has out grown it. I too will keep my fingers and toes crossed.

My youngest Tammy is also allergic so I know what you went through trying to find out what was causing the problems.

She is 35 now and still allergic. But, as she only had soy formula as a baby she absolutely loves all of the new soy products.

Oh i hope the test results come back soon!!

Have a terrific evening Sandi!!:-)))

Sherri said...

Yea!!! That is great. Hope you get wonderful news from the doctor.

KAT said...

I'm so glad that she isn't sick this time!! Maybe she has grown out of it? I hope so, that must be awful for both of you!!

Hope you get good news from the Doctor!! Take care,

Hitesh said...

yea......babies do outgrow from these kind of allergies.....i hope it won't take much time....

and she is looking so cute......and i love those.....chubby cheeks....

woo hoo.....\,,,/

Jati Diri said...

Hope all the best for you and gabi