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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Would YOU Do?

I wrote yesterday about Gabbi's milk allergy and the stolen cookie. Well last night around supper time she had diarrhea. Oh yeah poop talk! Well look away if you don't like it. haha I didn't know if I should feel that could be from the cookie she had eaten early that morning. Then it happened again and again. It was not large quantities but enough to make her sore, poor thing. She has been getting over a cold and did run a slight fever on Saturday but it disappeared fast. So I was questioning this huge coincidence. Was it the milk? Or did she not have enough for it to be even from the milk? It was one vanilla wafer. Was it the end of a virus?

Well the doc just called and said her allergy test results came back normal for everything! So now I want to believe it could be over but this whole diarrhea thing has me very uncertain. I think what I'll do is wait and make sure that whole episode has passed. She hasn't had any since about 3 a.m. So I will wait and then start introducing new foods with a bit of milk in it. I am nervous about it though. I really am regardless of the test. She had no vomiting but sheesh. Why can't we just get a break? haha


Sherri said...

I think that you've got a good plan. Let this pass and then see what happens when you re-introduce something. Great news though from the doctor and hopefully this will be a break you need.

Stephanie said...

All of the allergy testing for both dairy and wheat/gluten comes back "clear" yet if I eat those things I still become incredibly ill even if I don't know they were in the food. Keep an eye on things... Intolerance can actually be worse than allergies since you don't have any hard medical proof via tests :(

Sandee said...

Maybe your nervous made her nervous. Just saying. It could be that simple. Kids are very in tune with mommies and daddies. I hope all goes well.

Have a terrific day. :)

MaryAnne said...

I really hope she is over her milk allergy - it would definitely simplify life for you, and I bet Gabbi would enjoying trying all of the new foods!

Hitesh Rawat said...

aahhh.......i don't know anything about baby care..........i'm 22....and not married...but i like playing with kids.....and gabbi is cute.....did i mention i love chubby cheeks....... :)

wishing the best for her.... woo hoo....\,,,/

Sandee said...

Love your new avatar Sandi. Awesome.

Have a terrific day. :)

Staci at Just Bloggled said...

I have a food allergy--fish--but it's never upset my stomach so I don't know what to tell you. It just makes me itch all over, break out in whelps, and my eyes get all red and gross.

When you reintroduce milk, if the stomach issues repeat, it could be lactose intolerance instead of an allergy, I suppose.

I hope the tests are right, though. I used to work with a lady whose son was allergic to milk. The poor kid could never eat ice cream or pizza at birthday parties. That couldn't have been fun.

Jackie said...

As you know Sandi from my last comment I have been where you are. so I do understand what you are going through.

I think a mother's instincts are always far better than any other source when it comes to their babies.

So follow your instincts which it sounds you have already planned to do!!

I am hoping the results are an indication that she is growing out of this. But as I mentioned about Tammy who is older than you, she still has her allergy and with all of the wonderful soy products on the market now...she has access to just about anything that is made with regular milk!!

I am sorry to hear Gabbi had another little rough round.

Take care and I hope today will be a great day!!