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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

She Was So Happy

Gabbi was very happy in that video I made yesterday. After that I picked up the girls from school and then we had to go to the doc for my oldest daughter Lexi. Due to the fact that Gabbi would not lay down when I wanted her to and the fact that I had to get the kids from school, run to the doc myself for a follow up on my TB test and then take Lexi to the doc, Gabbi did not get a nap.

Well on the way home she fell asleep, for about 10-15 minutes then she awoke with the most painful screech you have ever heard. It was the cry of someone who was not feeling well. I noticed her nose was totally stuffed up. It had not been earlier! I know she has been working on cutting at least FOUR teeth and she has never ever dealt with teething well. My other girls barely noticed it. Poor Gabbi does very poorly with it. Even ibuprofen never helped much. I bought teething tablets and they were heaven sent. It was like almost instant relief for her the first time I tried them so now I keep a constant supply.

Anyway we got home and she was crying pretty good. I tried to give her the teething tablets which she'll normally gladly take but she was so upset she wouldn't eat them. Thankfully they are almost instant dissolving so I just managed to keep her mouth closed long enough for them to dissolve and she couldn't do a thing about it. haha They helped. Within in 10 minutes she was happy again.

I sent her to bed that night after the tablets and some Motrin but she still woke up around 2:30 a.m. She has done this the past two or 3 nights. Now on top of that she cannot breathe through her nose at all. She has been sneezing and sniffling and all that. It came on so fast! My poor baby just fought taking a nap SO hard but I knew she'd be miserable if I didn't make her. So even though she screamed at me from her bed I held out and she did fall asleep. We'll both be thankful come tonight. She sleeps better at night IF she has a good nap. I am prepared for her to wake up in the night. She comes in and just sleeps with me rather than fight to put her back to bed. (which doesn't ever work) I still always put her in her crib first. Eventually the teeth will come through and she'll be back to her old self. I don't know what this cold will turn into though. I went to the daycare today and one kid had GLOBS of green goo coming out of her nose. I figure that is where Gabbi got it. As long as it's a minor cold we'll deal with it!

This is what having children is about folks. One minute everything is happy, lalalala, the next you never know what will happen!


Sherri said...

Oh poor thing! I hope she is feeling better soon. You definitely never know what each day (or minute) holds do you?

MaryAnne said...

Oh, I hope Gabbi feels better soon!

Teething tablets have rescued my teething babies several times.

Hitesh Rawat said...

teething hurts....real get irritated annoyed by every little thing.......hope she comes round it soon and the cold.....\,,,/

Sugar Cribs said...

Hope Gabby doing well today