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Friday, October 2, 2009

Almost 20 Months in Remission

I am pretty sure the official date I found out I was in remission was February 8th, 2008. I am also fairly positive I wrote about it on this blog so I could go back and find it for sure. I like reading back through my old posts for many reasons. I remember so much all that I felt. I remember the fear and uncertainty. I also remember the faith and the hope I had during that time.

It's hard to believe it's been almost 2 years. My blog has become less about me and the cancer so much as more about Gabbi and how she has grown. As I said in the news interview I did, she is a symbol of me getting better. Each day she grows, each new word she speaks, everything she does is just an outward sign of each second that goes by that I am cancer free. I'll judge the length of time by her age truly. She'll be 2 on November 17th if you can believe that. Oh how time flies. haha I'll be 2 years in remission on February 8th. My radiation treatments had started on December 3rd of 2007 and I had the scan once all of those were done. That's when we knew the cancer was gone. It's amazing. I lived in constant fear the first year that it would come back. As time goes by I have learned my body is not exactly the same. I am more tired, I have remaining pressure in my neck and throat though not as severe of course as before. I have adjusted to these changes. They are now me and they don't scare me. I know I'm not out of the woods as my doctor told me Hodgkin's is something that will always be with you. It could always come back and though that's scary he doesn't think mine will. He said it's something you'll watch for the rest of your life, hoping to never find it. I will live with that.

I look at the pictures and videos I have posted of Gabbi in the past month and it just makes me think. I had just finished chemo literally. My last chemo was October 23rd 2007. I delivered her November 17th 2007. I began daily radiation on the 3rd of December. My life was a whirlwind in those days. It was harder when it all stopped so suddenly. I enjoy my checkups now. I like seeing my doctor and the familiar nurses. I like chatting it up and showing off Gabbi. I love the drive and seeing the familiar sites. It's not so bad at all.

Just a little reminder of what my Gabbi looked like on that wonderful day in 2007!

I always loved this pic of Gabbi and Daddy

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maryanne said...

She is such a beautiful newborn (and a beautiful toddler now)!

Thanks for the reminder to vote, off to do that now!

QueenCrazyMum said...

I have an award for you on my blog:

hitesh said...

remembering all the pain you have gone through at that time......

tough times...don't last longer..and in the end.....we have such beautiful gift......Gabbi....

love following her...\,,,/

Anonymous said...

Nice sharing!

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bambie said...

i voted for you!

btw, i loved that picture of little gabbi staring up to her dad, too. :)

Elena Sonnino said...

congrats on being in remission! I am 11 years post bone marrow (autologus) transplant for non hodgkins lymphoma (stage IIB)--- with an almost five year old daughter! I finally started my own blog today---after wanting for years to talk about all the treatments, follow ups, and feelings of worry each time I have a check up. I look forward to following your journey! in case you are interested: