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Monday, October 5, 2009

Being Locked Out of Class

No I didn't get into trouble. I wish I could give some elaborate story as to why I couldn't get into class but it's as simple as this. I got to school today about 5 minutes early. Normally I would go in and sit right down. This time there were a lot of my fellow students in the hallway sitting around and standing, waiting. I realized the door was locked and figured we could wait for a short time when the teacher arrived and we would go in. This was not to be.

My teacher showed up and guess what? He started waiting WITH us. This class is just 50 minutes and really it goes by quickly so every second counts. I didn't mind but I am sure the professor was less than pleased that the school wasn't responsible enough to unlock the door to a classroom that was supposed to be in session. We had to eventually stop a janitor who then used a walkie talkie to call up a security officer to come unlock the door. My class started a good 15 minutes late. I have to say the class sped by after that.

I had to write a 4 page essay on the question of the omnipotence of God. I read a certain philosopher's opinion that any belief in any religion is utterly irrational and give his reasons and personal beliefs why he felt that God and evil could not coexist while at the same time declaring God omnipotent. Got that?

Well I felt it easy enough to ramble on for 4 pages about what this guy's beliefs were and I had some opinions of my own as well. Philosophy really does have a lot to do with questioning God. I am glad I am really beyond the point of questioning my faith is such a way. I am not all that concerned with others philosophies on God and I don't really care to argue anyone else's opinion. I believe what I believe and I could give you 8 billion reasons why but eh, I just don't feel like it. Is that bad? I figure my faith is a personal thing. However when it's homework I can go on and on. haha


Laane said...

Well, philosophy is also about questioning life and everything attached to it.
Nice to walk the borders with ethics.

Maybe this teacher has a hobby of questioning God, but philosophy sure is about much and much more.

maryanne said...

How frustrating to be locked out. Funny cartoon :)

Hitesh Rawat said...

we use to lock the class room when.....we use to mass bunk some classes.... :)

it was fun........\,,,/

John Lock said...

All I have to say is power to you! What an amazing story.... and that you have a beautiful baby and are going to school and fighting the good fight.... I am in awe!