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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Prayers For My Dad

He looks like he is dying. This is to put it bluntly. We know he has the blood infection and it moved into the heart. They are treating it but he cannot talk, and he is unresponsive. He groans and leans toward me but can't open his eyes all the way anymore. He squeezed my hand though. I know he knew I was there. What is wrong?? This happened from gallbladder surgery to this! I am so upset. I want my dad to get well but he keeps getting worse. We have insisted on a second opinion and said we want him sent to Mayo. They agreed. They are making the transportation arrangements now. Please....if you pray....pray for my dad today.


maryanne said...

Oh Sandi, I'm so sorry! We will be praying for your dad, and I hope the Mayo Clinic will have some answers for you.

Living Life Happy said...

Oh, no!! I am so sorry. I am praying.

Grace said...

I'm lifting dad and you up.. I RT'ed your tweet... so the prayer warriors are running to his support. Things can change fast... make sure you stay aggressive with his treatment. Hugs

Lynne said...

Prayers being said and I will continue to pray for your father and his health.