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Thursday, December 10, 2009

For Those That Want To

I have had a few people come to me and ask where they can donate. I do have a paypal account but I have decided I don't want to take any donations there. I want to keep any funds for my dads medical expenses separate. My husband went out to the bank here and opened a benefit fund for my dad. The flyer here posts all the details for anyone interested. My dad has a lot of medical expenses due to his mysterious illness. We have gotten no answers. It could a.) be a serious infectious disease or b.) It could be cancer.

The problem is he is NOT strong enough for any kind of surgery at this point to examine the spots they have seen on his liver. The spots are not growing or spreading in any way. At this point he needs to get stronger. So there isn't really an end in sight. The benefit is the 19th. Many things are needed such as take home containers, 2 liter bottles and cans of soda, any other beverage.

I am posting this flyer with the information on it to make a donation if you wish. I am holding the benefit to help my dad and mom not have to worry about anything but my dad getting better. I don't think my mom should carry the weight of worrying about bills medical or otherwise. My dad is retired and there isn't a lot of money coming in right now.

I really hope this benefit has a good turnout!

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