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Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Morning!

My goofy girl loves her sunglasses, even upside down.

I am up and thinking of getting ready for school. It's so cold here that I really don't want to move. It's been rainy this week. Icy and rainy. School was canceled for my kiddos yesterday. However I still had to take the drive to school regardless. I have a feeling school will never be canceled for me. My college is a private one with dorms. A lot of students live there and some students work at the hospital connected to it. Since I chose health care, well, people get sick regardless of bad weather. We may as well get used to that now. People will need our care whether the roads are bad or not!

I made it to school in one piece yesterday thankfully. The freezing rain did make traveling a little risky. The downed power lines up and down the roads were scary too. On my way home I saw the utility crews fixing the lines. I know a lot of people were out of power around here.

Other than that? After today I will have finished my very first week of Nursing School. I am not totally terrified....yet. I am partially terrified. I already have a lot to do. I have to take quizzes in some classes based on stuff I am to read PRIOR to class. I do that pretty much on my own online then we discuss that material in class. This is one way to make sure you read your assignment and know it. We have to really KNOW our material. We can't just memorize or hope. Our jobs could mean a life, so we learn it, we know it, we remember it. That's the goal. It's definitely stressful but I want to do this. The only trouble is December of 2011 is so far away. (Graduation for me)

We also had a birthday on January 19th. My Angelina turned 8!! She's pretty excited. I love how at this age, they check the mirror to see if they are any taller. Yes my girls all did that! Gabbi is back in daycare and doing well. She did cry when I left the other day. That's really really hard for me!


Janet Gardner said...

Hi Sandi, I love that picture of Gabbi:) I just wanted to say you inspire me by the way you keep on carrying on. You have been through so much but you continue to show your strength. Your Dad is somewhere smiling down on you and is so proud. Good luck with school.
Take Care,
Janet :)

Angie B said...

Thanks for following my blog. I'm following yours as well. What a scary time you must have had. It's nice to hear that things worked out in your favor.

Sandi said...

Thanks Janet. I appreciate the kind words. :)

Hitesh said...

Gabbi is so cute and you always get those amazing pics....i mean the dipper on head pic and this quite an entertaining kid......

its bad that you have to drive to college when roads are so bad.........

anyways...have a great weekend and drive carefully............\,,,/

Michelle said...

Graduation may seem so far away but you are a strong person-you can do this. Just remember the lives you will help to save.
Good luck :0)
Love the pic :0)