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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Many Ribbons of Cancer

On Facebook tonight I posted a status update that I saw on a friend's status. It told me to list those I know including myself, that are suffering or have suffered from a specific type of cancer. You put that person's name, their cancer type and ribbon color. It's a way to promote awareness. I realized how many ribbons there really are out there.

I began searching and found a page that I love! It lists ribbons I frankly didn't even know existed. I cannot believe how many causes there are out there. But if you are looking for a ribbon color for a specific type of cancer here are a few and a link to the site I found.


Leukemia, hunger, kidney cancer, racial tolerance and cultural diversity, Underage drinking, etc. There are so many things that the orange ribbon can stand for. I had no idea.

Green: depression, bipolar disorder, leukemia, kidney cancer or disease, non-hodgkin's lymphoma etc.


Pancreatic cancer, domestic violence, cancer survivor (didn't know that), Chron's Disease, etc. So many I didn't know!

Violet: Hodgkin's Lymphoma, I think it may stand for more. However on this site it says Lavender and gives Hodgkin's and other. Technically Hodgkin's is a violet ribbon. The others MAY be lavender, not that there is a lot of difference but I am not going to list anything else because I don't want to be wrong!

The link to the site with an extensive list is here:

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Unknown said...

I was so very sorry to hear about your father. It is not possible to convey in a few short sentences anything that comes close to being of help in any way. All that I can wish for you is that you have some wonderful memories of your father. I lost mine quite a few years back now under similar circumstances and I am so very grateful of the good memories that he left with me. It was he that introduced me to nature. He had a love of birds and other wild life. I often see things that he would point out to me that others don't see. He gave me so much to be grateful for which was difficult for me to recall at first.

My deepest sympathy to you at this very sad time.