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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Famous Faces With Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Michael C. Hall

I always notice when someone in the public eye is diagnosed with Hodgkin's. Obviously I pay attention because this is the cancer I had. It stands out to me and well, celebrities are in the public eye.

It seems to affect some actors I really like as well. Number one would be Dexter actor Michael C. Hall. I love that show. As sick and twisted as it is. I absolutely love it. It has something to do with the curiously brilliant mind of some total lunatics. I don't get why so frequently people that are so evil are also really high in the IQ department. It doesn't really seem to make a lot of sense does it? For those who don't know, Dexter is a forensic specialist. He investigates murders and specializes in blood splatters. During his personal time he is a serial killer. Of course, he only kills "bad guys". haha Yeah, well I am into that kind of thing. I got very absorbed in this series through Netflix. Then I found out he had Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He is now in remission. Congrats to him!

He did lose his hair, but this is what he usually looks like with a nice full head of hair. I'm guessing he's grown it back by now.

Michael C. Hall

Ethan Zohn

Second on my list is Ethan Zohn. He won Survivor once. I never really watch that show, but I discovered him online through his story. I have him on facebook now. Go figure. I like reading his updates. He has had a rough road. His cancer didn't respond well to the typical chemo for Hodgkin's, which is ABVD. I am actually not sure how he is doing right now. I haven't seen an update in awhile. I am always at school! Here is his webpage if you would like to find info: He has an awesome link with probably some of the greatest info I have ever seen on Hodgkin's located here:,,ncicdr0000257991,00.html#ncicdr0000257991-nci-header.

He also usually has a full head of hair:

Ethan Zohn

Richard Harris

And last but most definitely not least is Richard Harris. The original Dumbledore. Did you ever wonder why they replaced Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies? Well Richard Harris was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease after going into the hospital with a chest infection. I am sorry to say, he lost his battle with the disease. I am a HUGE nerdy Harry Potter fan. So this was so hard for me. I hated losing him and worried the movie wouldn't be the same. I will admit I also ended up loving Michael Gambon, the actor that replaced Richard. I will also say that I was a Harry Potter fan BEFORE the craze. haha I loved the books. I still do. Richard Harris AND Michael Gambon really do the role justice.

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Joanna Cake said...

I didnt know that Michael C Hall had been ill. I loved him in Dexter and Six Feet Under.

I also didnt know that's what did for Richard Harris. I always thought it was the booze. But you're right, he was a great Dumbledore... but so was Michael Gambon. Great British Shakespearean actors both :)

New here via Sage and just wanted to give you a big hug x