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Monday, May 24, 2010

Saw the Tombstone Today

Well it's up. I went to see it and they did a great job as far as tombstones go. It is exactly what we wanted for my dad. I am glad it's done though there are a lot of emotions involved with seeing it. It is very final as I mentioned before. I'll be honest, it still doesn't seem like he's gone. I feel I could just see him at any moment walk through my front door.

Last year he complained of stomach pains and we thought it was his medicine for sure. It coincided with the time he started taking it. I looked it up online and TONS of people had the same kind of pain. I was so sure. My dad asked how long the effects could last and I looked that up too. Who knew? I wish I knew just how much pain he was in. I think he covered up so much.

Here's the stone. I'm going to go fishing this summer so the fish out there better not think they are "off the hook" with my dad gone. (lol bad joke) I need to make up where he can't. I will take my kids. I will make sure my nephews and nieces are out there too. My dad would hate to see any big ones get away so I'm going to make sure they don't!!!


Ferd said...

Very nice memorial, and very nice that your kids went with you to se it.

Ms D said...

Awwww! Beautiful tombstone and sounds like your daddy was a very sweet man. HUGS to you!! I am sorry for your loss :(