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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Tombstone is Up

We've been waiting for my dad's tombstone to get up for so long. They promised us it would be there by memorial day. I found out tonight that it is up. I am going to go up and look tomorrow. I'll probably get a few pictures of it. It's almost like losing him again though. I know it's odd, but really it's making it so final. It was the one thing not yet done.

I wish he was here to go fishing. I wish he was sitting on his front porch in his usual chair watching me pull up. I wish he was singing the Spongebob Theme Song with Gabbi. I miss him.


Ferd said...

He must have been so young, as you are just in your 30's.
I am 55 now, and am still blessed with both of my parents in pretty good health. They are both 80 now.

I am very sad to hear you lost your dad.

Sandi said...

Yes, he was just 57. :(