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Thursday, June 10, 2010

She Talks My Head Off

I love it. Yes Gabbi is a talker. Actually she'll have a conversation with you and it shocks people. I know I am surprised at how well she talks at only two. I am not sure if my other girls did. I just don't remember. My next youngest is 8 years old. Gabbi however picks up EVERY word you say and I mean every.

I feel like she has a memory like almost photogenic. Not quite, because she doesn't necessarily remember everything the first time, but practically. One night I decided to test this memory of hers. It seems she picks up on things so easily and then later repeats it back to me and it never ceases to shock me. She'll remember things I didn't think she even heard.

So one late night Cheers came on. She loves music and commented on the theme song. She talked about the music and just said "Mom, music? Mommy song?" And I agreed. I then decided to tell her the name of the show. I just said "It's Cheers Gabbi. That is Cheers."

Well I forgot about it. Two nights later the show comes on and I think nothing of it. Gabbi comes up to me tapping me on the shoulder smiling devilishly and says "Cheers mom. It's Cheers."

Yeah. One time I told her what it was....two days later she tells me when she hears the song. Yep. My genius baby. :) haha

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MaryAnne said...

She sounds adorable =)