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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two Wisdom Teeth Gone Today

In other words, I had them ripped from my head. It felt that way anyway. I never liked to hear the horror stories about wisdom teeth extraction. So I will start with the good news. I am still alive. During this procedure, I wasn't sure. It started with the numbing gel. I accidentally swallowed just a tiny bit. I don't know if it made a difference but boy I could not swallow. It felt like my tongue was HUGE and I just couldn't swallow very well.

After the numbing gel they did the injections. I had several on my upper left...then in the roof of my mouth on both sides...and of course more injections into the upper right gum. I was good and numb. They took me into another room. I had a small cavity. I have not had a cavity since I was 16. And those didn't even need any anesthesia because they were so small. I was shocked I had one. My teeth have always been so healthy and I am a person who always brushes her teeth. I love nice white, shiny teeth!

So after that little hit to my pride I faced the fact my wisdom teeth need to come out. They've needed it for a long time. My bottom wisdom teeth are just under the gum, growing in sideways. You can see the tops...but they are impacted so they'll be surgically removed. I'll be put to sleep for that thank God.

They filled the cavity then went to work on the wisdom tooth. I closed my eyes and kept them that way the whole time. She pulled my cheek so far over I thought my skin would turn inside out. She pushed down so hard it felt like I was being punched. Then she began the extraction as she pushed harder, pulled harder until my eyes were pouring tears. I wasn't really crying...but my eyes were watering from the pain of it. A few times I moaned in pain. Could NOT help it. The extraction itself wasn't that was the breaking of my face that hurt.

Now I have a prescription for codeine and I can't eat any good solid food. I had chocolate pudding for supper. I might try some kind of soup tomorrow....but nothing chunky. I can't open my mouth very much at chewing would be a major problem even IF I was ok with something getting inside the holes where my wisdom teeth once were. I hope I don't wake up in MORE pain. =/

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MaryAnne said...

You've brought back memories of when I got all four (impacted) wisdom teeth surgically removed. Sounds like it's just as well they had to put me under to get them all out...

Hope you feel better soon!