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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween and Dressing Up

I posted about this on my other blog but I really want to see the opinion on this. I absolutely LOVE dressing up for Halloween. As a teen I was sad when I was considered too "old" to dress up. I love it and I missed it. So what did I do as an adult to resolve this problem? I started having a Halloween party every year. I should do a costume contest. I think that would really encourage some interesting costumes. If my parties got big enough I would. I have found my costume for this year. I'm super EXCITED about wearing it.

I guess my question to you is do you feel dressing up for Halloween is just for the kids or can be fun for adults too? I love it. Some adults are too nervous to do it. I think they honestly worry about what other adults think. I'm putting a poll up on this blog and my other blog. I want to see what the general thought is. You know where my vote goes. Any reason to dress up is good to me. :)


Just Plain Tired said...

Dressing up for Halloween transcends all ages. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

Janet Gardner said...

I love to dress up especially at Halloween, you get to be whatever you want to be, no excuses needed LOL! Have a fun party
Janet :)