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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lazy Sunday....With a Side of Studying

It should be the other way around. I have a rather big Psychology test tomorrow. Actually it's Nursing Care of Clients with Psychosocial Problems. That's the name of my class. However I can't imagine telling you all I have a test on that. It's just easier to say "Psychology", wouldn't you agree?

The big problem here is that I don't think I'll make my class tomorrow. The kids all have Columbus Day off. I didn't even realize they still got that day off. There is so much controversy surrounding Columbus and all that he did. From what I gather he wasn't that great of a guy. I'll be honest, at this particular moment I don't care. I just know that I really have no other way but to stay home with my girls. The hubby has to work. My oldest daughter is 13. The idea of leaving a 13, 10 and 8 year old alone all day long isn't a good one I don't think. The 13 year old is mature enough but she might think baking would be a good idea while I'm gone....or she might think punishing her sisters is a great plan. That might involve some hair pulling, biting, hitting, slapping and other not so pleasant things.

Nah I think I have to stay home. That means I'm going to have to make up this test. That sucks. I really don't like having to do that but I am not sure what else I can do. They really should think of these things when they make test days. A lot of my fellow students are parents. Sometimes there is a Holiday. It would be easy enough to not make a test day on a Holiday that schools have off. It puts parents in a real bind.

Going to college as a parent isn't easy. There is so much to consider. If I put the amount into my work that my teachers expect, then my family feels I'm neglecting them. They get upset with me. Then my grades aren't as good. It's hard to balance it all. It goes even so far as to trickle down to my extended family. I don't see my mother or sisters much at all anymore. I did manage to get out and celebrate my sisters birthday last night though! That was a lot of fun. I even met someone who reads my blog. That was really cool! :)

Well back to the studying. Have a great Sunday all!


Just Plain Tired said...

Balancing parenthood and college is definitely a challenge. Is it possible to just show up and take this one test and go home? Or is that frowned upon?

Sandi said...

Yeah. There is a history of kids skipping out on lecture after tests....but obviously if I explained it I am sure they wouldn't mind. The trouble is I live around 50 minutes from the college. That and the time taking the test would be almost the whole day anyway. There isn't anyone to stay home with the kids during this time.

Leslie Hillier (yemilyyem) said...

aww..thanks Sandi!! You hang in there with school. I had a 1 & 2 year old when I decided to go to Nursing School and found out it's something I thought I'd never survive. But the support of a wonderful husband (which yours sounds like he is very much so) will get you through! I wanted to give up so many times but my husband kept me going. You go girl!!! Les

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