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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Facebook Support Group

I decided to start a support group through facebook. If you are looking for support, have questions, etc I'm hoping this will be a good place to go. I am here to answer questions on my blog too so by all means, if you have a question, I will do my best to answer it. I see through searches that there are a lot of people coming to my blog by searching for things like "my wife is pregnant with cancer" or just "can I have chemo while pregnant" etc. I hope to help as many people as possible in my lifetime. I won't be stopping at just offering support. I am getting involved by going into nursing and into the field of oncology. I hope as I increase my own knowledge that it will continue to help others. Here is the link to my facebook group:

Please let me know if for some reason it does not work.


artificial grass said...

i need to contact facebook support but i don't know their e-mail. anyone know what it is?

Ferd said...

Your plan is awesome, Sandi!
You're awesome!

Sandi said...

Thanks Ferd! :) Artificial grass I don't really know how to do that myself.