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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I haven't been using it as much lately since my face hasn't really been needing it. So I have a bunch of extra bottles that are sort of stock piling around here. I decided to sell them on ebay. I use Proactiv and I also use Oil of Olay products which I LOVE. They are awesome and do the best job at moisturizing my face. I also like Smashbox which has a great under eye brightener. It's amazing. I can say first hand Proactiv does indeed work. HOWEVER. I have a huge suggestion for those interested in trying it. Use it faithfully, morning and night. Once you clear up, don't use it every day. Change it up. The reason is that eventually your face can and will adjust to it. Mine did. I used it for like 8 years. It had been amazing and when I broke out again it didn't control it. I stopped using it and stopped using anything with Benzoyl Peroxide for a couple of months, then used it again and guess what? It worked. Now I just use it occasionally and I am fine. I needed it way back in the day...but not as much anymore. I never had "acne" but I would have the bad breakout. It always opens the pores and exfoliates so the skin just looks better. It can dry out the skins so a good moisturizer is a MUST.

If you are interested in the proactiv I listed them pretty low on ebay. Not sure how much I will get but what the heck right?


Ms D said...

I use Proactiv too and have used it for awhile now. Can't live without it, I STILL breakout and I am 36 :( I might have to check out your listings!

mobile web designer said...

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Office cleaning chester said...

okay i have problem skin and its been a bit worse lately, so i was wondering about proactiv? DOES IT REALLY WORK?? if so, how long does it take to start working; will my skin break out if i stop using it; and wheres the best place to buy it?