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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog Taking FOREVER to Open

I noticed these past few days that my blog was taking forever to load. A big no no in the world of blogging is having a page that takes forever to open. People just do not hang around waiting forever for a page to load. I try to clean up my page on a regular basis and archive things weekly. Basically I had only one clue. It seemed what it was stuck on was something called I noticed it was taking FOREVER to load this. I didn't even really remember using this script so I decided to look it up and the website just kept taking me to the yahoo main page. I figured it was something I no longer needed if I couldn't remember what it was. I removed the script and my page loaded for me instantly after that. I am not sure what was going on, but I'm hoping it's fixed now! I know my attention span is limited when it comes to loading blog pages as well!


Anne said...

I have noticed that there are certain items that take forever to load on a blog. If it was directing you to a Yahoo page, that might be why it was having trouble loading. Maybe it no longer exists and was looking for directions it couldn't find.

Unknown said...

Hi Sandi - I too had the very same script stopping my Blog from opening. It somehow had got embedded into the html ..... don't know how it ever got there. I've been advised to think twice before adding stuff as it appears that they really do mess up and slow down the loading process of a Blog.

Sandee said...

Yours opens much faster than many others. I worry about this issue too.

Have a terrific day. :)

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