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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Does Not Reading a Book Series Make you More Cool?

This irritates me more than about anything that's irritated me lately. My first daughter was born in 1997. One year later we started renting a house that was bigger since we were starting a family. I got a subscription to Disney magazine for my then 1 year old daughter. In that magazine it frequently wrote book reviews for kids. I love to read so this is something that always caught my eye. I love Fantasy, Inspirational and even Horror. My favorite author list is about as odd as you can get. I love J.K Rowling, Janette Oke and Stephen King. Seriously.

I read a review for a book that was pretty popular. It was called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I needed something new to read so I bought it. I fell in love with Harry, Hogwarts and the whole magical world. I have always loved magical stories since I was a kid. This was perfect. I read the books as they came out. Each one was as good as the last to me. Then they started making movies and it exploded all at the same time into a giant craze. Now people who don't read the books have this idea that somehow because they are not into the series they are cool or something. I hear people get angry about it. I wouldn't watch that movie!!! I'll never read those books!!! It's so stupid!!! ooooookay. Why do people get mad because something got so popular? Star Wars got big. Star Trek was huge. Now it's Twilight. I haven't read a single Twilight book but someday maybe I will. I haven't watched the movies either. I like the Southern Vampire Series though. I have read 3 of those and plan to read more. For those who do not know, there is  a series based on the books. It's called True Blood. was a book. Surprise.

I love to read and I'm a Harry Potter fan. I'm a mom and my kids don't read the books. I do. I love it. I think J.K. Rowling is one talented author. She brings people into a world of magic and fantasy. The movies are great too. The books are by far better. I hate to say not watching a movie doesn't make you any more "cool". Those of us who are fans don't think you're cool by bashing it either. If you are truly not interested then my guess is that you wouldn't need to draw so much attention to yourself about not being interested.

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