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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Appointment On Thursday

It's almost here and it's a pretty good thing. I think the anxiety is finally getting to the hubby too. I don't know what it is but I think I start to actually FEEL symptoms the closer I get to the appointments. I really do think at least some of that is in my head so I don't let myself get crazy with worry but it is stressful. We were watching that movie with Harry Connick Jr. last night. I forgot the name of it. He finds a medicine for breast cancer that saves lives. I thought it was wonderful but it still put me in a mood. I get so sad and it reminds me of how I felt. I am thankful for how I feel now! I feel good and that's a wonderful thing.

I enjoy the drive to my doctor. We moved in February a good four hours away. It used to be about an hour and a half. After much debate we decided to not switch doctors. I have been going to him since the beginning and I just trust him. He knows my whole situation from top to bottom and that gives me comfort. My situation was unique so I just didn't feel comfortable switching. I would have, if my appointments were more frequent. I would have no choice with the cost of gas but since it's just every 3 months we decided to do it. I will definitely post an update when I get back! It's a beautiful drive. I hope to get some good pics of the fall leaves. Here's another old pic of Gabbi at birth. She wasn't bad zized for four weeks early. Oh and please don't forget to click the top momma thing every day! I am falling off the top of the list. Just click the top momma banner over on the right and click my pic. Sign up for yourself too. See how long you stay on top!!


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful! I pray things continue to improve for you.

A said...

i admire your courage and strength... you will be in my prayers... :)God Bless You and your family... :)

Unknown said...

She is a great size for being 4 weeks early!
Blessings to you!