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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Questions is, What Doesn't Cause Cancer?

I get tired of hearing it. I really do. Every day, something else causes cancer. Or so they say. I have been warned for years about saccharin. Stay away from artificial sweeteners! Then I hear drinks with sugar in it can cause cancer. So, I can't drink anything sweet? Don't even get me started on the whole deodorant thing. I get tired of rumors. I get tired of hearing cell phones cause cancer, diet sodas may cause cancer, and something about air fresheners now. Is it really possibly to avoid all risk? It's not. I quit smoking when I was a young girl. The thought of it disgusts me now but yes I did smoke for a couple of years when I was about 20. The thought of smoking actually hurts. I avoid smoke as much as I can. I actually am not too surprised about air fresheners because they hurt to breathe in when I was sick. Seriously. We had bought a lot of those oil kind. At my worst when I came around them it burned my throat when I breathed in around them. I went around my house pulling them out of the plugs. Then again, it hurt to breathe in dust or to be around the dog too. It's odd. I am not really sure why.

I can't forget cooking meats might cause cancer. I read something about grilling food and nonstick pans too. How are we supposed to realistically avoid these things? I am not going to stop living. I am not going to eat plates of rabbit food every single day. I'll take a vitamin and I'll do my best but I will not stop living.

Of course, my very own cancer treatments can cause cancer. So, especially since they have no clue what causes Hodgkin's it bothers me. I can't avoid what causes it because they don't know. Then again, I suppose there are many cancers like this. I have had people message me about natural remedies and all that. I was much too sick to be helped by anything other than chemo when I had it. I was informed I would not last three weeks. No amount of vegetables would have kept me from dying. I needed that treatment and it worked. I admit I need to improve my diet and I am a strong advocate of trying to eat right but I don't think we can all live our lives based on what new thing is a carcinogen. I honestly ask myself why they tell us what causes cancer. Tell us what DOESN'T because in this day and age it seems like everything causes it. Or maybe that's just me.


Unknown said...

I agree. One week they tell us stay away and then the next things are ok again. How does one protect themself?

Anonymous said...

It does seem like every day there is something new that's reported to be harmful. We can't live life in a bubble.

Gwen said...

I know Sandi, I keep wondering every day now WHY I got to go 3 years Cancer free from the Colon Cancer and then I was hit again last month with Ovarian Cancer, what did I do or not do draw that card TWICE??? But then I figure it is what it is and what will be will be so I totally know what you mean about not bineg able to live in a bubble.

Svr said...

I think being born causes cancer sometimes Sandi! Unfortunately I haven't been able to do my followups but I believe I'm still cancer free after 2 1/2 years. My mom is still cancer free after 12 years. A Drilling buddy of mine just discovered she has breast cancer again for the third time - Stage 4.

All we can do is make the absolute most out of every single day we have. And appreciate all the blessings we have been given. Who knows a car could get us first anyhow!

Sandi said...

Tammy you are so right! I am not gonna stop grilling out that's for sure. I am just tired of all the things that cause cancer. We have to stop freaking out and just enjoy life. :) You are so right about the car. We're all worrying about what not to eat or whatever and we'll probably get hit by a car. Too true!