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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Does Anyone Watch The Biggest Loser?

I haven't watched as much this year, I admit, but last year I was faithful. I never missed an episode. The reason being a close friend of my husband's was on the show. Actually my hubby was his boss. We moved and things changed, so he is not his boss anymore. Who? Jerry Lisenby. Do you all remember he was the oldest contestant up to that point. He did well. My 11 year old daughter was star struck. We told her we knew him and she was just amazed. We went to his house and he was so sweet. He gave her a t-shirt he got from the show and took a pic with her. He lost so much weight. He reminds me so much of my husband it's not funny. I think personality wise they are the same. I am proud of him for the great shape he got himself in. What an inspiration to everyone! Here is the pic he took with my daughter after he gave her the shirt. Can you not see stars in her eyes??? lol

Check out his site.


Anonymous said...

Jerry looks great. I watched the show. He has done great and looks like he is keeping it off.

Unknown said...

I love the show. It keeps me motivated. I will be thinking of you on Thursday.

Ladygreenhawk said...

Katie and I are watching it together. We DVR it and watch it together at Katie's house the next day. Also, I was with you and met Jerry too. What a great guy! He is my inspiration. I started a diet on Oct. 6th and have lost 12lbs, I got kind of off track when we went to KC for my father-in-law's funeral, but today I'm back on it with a vengence.