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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Surveys For Cash? Paid Per Click? Really?

Well...yes kind of. In the past several months I have joined and even left some of these groups. I honestly do not even remember the ones I left. I think I left Snap Dollars. Survey Savvy I haven't really decided on for sure yet. So far though I can say I am fairly pleased with Inbox Dollars. Now, you only get like 2 cents for a read e-mail. You simply click the link in the e-mail and there you go. 2 cents. That's pretty easy right? They don't cash you out until you have $30 though and that can seem a pretty long ways away and it is. You can do surveys for $.50 a piece but much of the time you will go through *screener* questions that have lasted me up to 10 minutes, one even around 15 before they tell you that you didn't qualify. I have been pretty angered about that. I have done short surveys though and actually did earn $30.00 in probably a month and a half. You just have to be diligent every time you don't qualify for a survey and try another. It's time consuming. I requested my check and they TAKE $3.00 for a processing fee. OK. Now imagine $.50 PER survey I do, and those are at least 20 minutes a piece. Yeah. They took $3.00. Seems like a lot now. They are mailing me a check that is scheduled to be here December 1st. It takes a long time. I can however say there are two companies that rock hands down. One is Pinecone. I only ever get surveys from them that I am qualified to do. I get paid $3.00 each time through paypal because I set it up that way. They take NO fees. I have done several surveys. I had to be invited to join that site though. The other one that I so far think it's pretty cool is Homescan. You basically scan things you buy, plug it up to your computer, send in the info, earn all kinds of points. Then you exchange those points for merchandise. I just thought I'd try these things and it's not like it is that much work so no biggy. I'll post here if I ever get any prizes from Homescan. Is there any that you do? Oh, I can't forget the best one. My personal favorite for YEARS. My Points. If you haven't done it? Do it. I sorted my e-mail folders so all e-mails from them go to that folder. I simply open, click the link and get about 5 to 25 points per e-mail. There are occasional surveys and points for referrals. I have had MANY gift cards through the years for them. I continually get Olive Garden gift cards simply because I love the salad and pasta. lol I have one now for $25.00 I haven't spent. I have enough points to order another. I am trying to earn $75.00 though so I am holding out. I plan to use my points for a different gift card. Possibly Target so I can buy Christmas gifts with it. Any other good ones??

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Anonymous said...

Hi there :)
New to your blog but have been reading for the last 20 minutes and came across this entry.
I have had success with Opinion Outpost surveys. They pay by points (50pt=$5.00) and once you've achieved a minimum of 50pts, you can request a check.
So far, in the month or so I've been taking their surveys, I've made $19.00. Not a ton of money but better than any other survey group I've registered with. Most surveys are worth anything from 20-100pts.
I also use My Points, Inbox Dollars (have yet to accumulate enough to get a check!), and ZoomPanel. I've accumulated lots of points thru ZoomPanel---you just cash them in on items at their website. The last batch I cashed in were on Pyrex cookware. Not too bad :)
Anyway, I've been inspired by your story. What a battle you've been through and still such a great attitude.
Best wishes,