Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wind, Wind and More Wind

I didn't even realize how windy it was today until my daughter yelled "The fence! The fence!" I looked out the window and sure enough two sections of our fully fenced in yard had blown over. I then noticed how hard the wind was gusting. I guess I had heard the wind today but never really thought much about it. It is strong though. I don't think the leaves will last too much longer on the trees. As you can see from my pic, the difference from only a week ago is amazing. The colors are really turning. It won't be long before my trees are bare. I do love the beautiful colors though! Oh....the neighbors dog was leashed very near the portion of fence that blew over. Thank goodness he was not injured!


Anonymous said...

Yes, thank God no one was hurt. The trees are gorgeous. And, I see beauty in all trees.

Annie Spandex said...

Very beautiful.. I love it when they turn bright orange! It never seems to last long enough, but that's probably half of its appeal. :D

Anonymous said...

Very cool looking! Stupid coastal desert here.