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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Award Time

Yes I got some blog awards this week. Thank you so much to Your Fun Family for these awards!

I'm supposed to write 6 things I love and 6 things I don't love. So here goes:

6 Things I Love

I love my family.

I love being cancer free.

I love Christmas.

I love tickling my girls.

I love anything with sugar!

I love low gas prices. hee hee

6 Things Do Not Love

This headache I've been nursing all day forgetting to take something for.

When my kids get sick.

When strangers touch all over Gabbi's face. This happens too often.

When I go shopping and need to get something but someone is standing in front of it and never moves, so I don't get what I need. This also happens a lot. lol

Sleet. Yes. I hate it. I know we'll be seeing it a lot now that November is here.

Getting no comments on my posts. (haha)

I also got another award from Juicy Alligator.
The award comes from Maternal Spark.

I won't be tagging anyone right now. I was going to do it, but Gabbi is sick and needing her mom, so I hope you understand! :)


Sandee said...

Congratulations on all the awards.

I can so relate to the grocery store thing. The other one is a group that's talking and blocking the aisle and they aren't going to move. Then you have to go all the way around and come in from the other direction. Steams me good.

Have a great day. :)

Janet Gardner said...

Hi Sandi,
I wanted to let you know I posted an award for you as well on my blog. The reason for the award is that I think you are such an inspiration for cancer surviors. I have lost 5 people I loved to cancer. Three over the past year. When I read your blog and see your smiling face, I feel hope again, hope that I had lost for all those who are inflicted with the disease. God Bless you and your beautiful family. Keep up the good fight.
Take Care,
Janet :)