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Sunday, November 9, 2008

So Much to Do, If Only I Could Move My Feet

Oh I can move my feet. It's a matter of wanting to. I got a few blog awards this week! I love getting them and I wanted to thank those who gave them. I also got tagged. I saved these in my e-mail and am going to post those up tonight. I get a little lazy sometimes but I do plan on getting those done. I feel it's an honor for anyone reading my blog to feel it's worthy of an award from them.

I'm feeling just a tiny bit drained today because Gabbi did in fact catch my second cold. I had a bad sore throat for a few days only a few days after I recovered from the first cold. Well Gabbi got it and worse. She ran a slight fever last night and was coughing. She would occasionally whine in her sleep so of course, I wasn't getting any sleep. I brought her to my bed and cuddled her and today she seems to be feeling better. She's stuffed up, but better. I hate seeing a little one with a sore throat. I am guessing that's what was wrong. She can't tell me that. I know I whine and get upset when my throat hurts.

I plan on doing a blog post tomorrow about chemotherapy during pregnancy. I want to get some good accurate information. I have a whole lot of things in my head but I don't want to just babble out what I already know. So look forward to that coming soon.

Gabbi has taken a liking to suckers. We don't give them often, but this particular brand has no allergens in it. The package clearly stated no milk, nuts, eggs, etc in these so since she has a milk allergy I was pretty excited. I gave her a sucker and helped her with it. Other than sticking it in her eye and trying to touch her hair with it (ouch) she did pretty good! Oh and we bought her a Yo Gabba Gabba hat. That show is well...odd. But since her name is Gabriella sometimes we call her Gabbi Gabbers or Gabba Gabbers, etc. Well every time this show yells Yo Gabba Gabba I think she believes they are saying her name. haha It's cute. She likes it and it seems pretty harmless. So here she is modeling her hat and eating her sucker. She sure has grown a lot from that Christmas pic from last year in the previous post hasn't she? Wow. Oh and she was holding a tiny little plastic water gun. I didn't let her hold it long as it's not really age appropriate but she was really enjoying it for the short time I let her hold it.


Sandee said...

She is adorable. I'm glad you found a healthy snack for her. Have a great Sunday. :)

Anonymous said...

Blessings to both you and Gabbi.

You are in my prayers.

If you would like a copy of my new e book, I would be happy to gift you with one as a present for the baby's future. Learning to see (actually see) more inspiration, possibilities and be more empowered by seeing more energy, which for many (and I suspect you, too) are the words of The Creator makes keeping a positive outlook, getting answered prayer, affirmations, etc. easier and more effective.

I am sure someone pointed you to the work of Norman Cousins, also.

Hope you are feeling well now, Judy Rey

Svr said...

I'm sorry you are down. I have messed up BOTh my back and eck. Managed to sleep away most of the Sunday...I swear chemo did me in! Burned myself AGAIN too. My brain just doesn't function anymore. GRRR Hopefully this is the worst better be!

As always Gabbi is adorable!!!

Leslie said...

She is soooo cute!!! my baby will be 2 this Thursday the 13th and he loves Yo Gabba Gabba!! my friend from high school, it's her uncle that produces the show and her kids are in it quite often the (Wolfgrams) so she introduced it to me and the kids last year. So for my sons birthday this week he is getting all yo gabba gabba stuff!!! and he is getting the hat just like your daughters! but not pink. ha ha! it looks great on her!! =)