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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Have Realized I Have a Pet Peeve

Isn't that what they call it? A pet peeve....or something that annoys you. It really gets you upset. Well I have always considered myself to be very mild mannered with a very long fuse. There are few things that really get me mad. If they do get me mad it's a slow build up. I have a pretty long fuse. Eventually that fuse will burn down and then just watch out. I can't even promise to make sense at that point.

Here is what bothers me. If I go to a fast food restaurant why is it so incredibly hard to get the order right? I know most of these places hire teens who perhaps aren't super concerned with getting some one's cheeseburger right. I get that. I am patient with it really. When I was young I worked at a fast food place. I know I got in pretty big trouble if the cash register was even a penny off. I knew how furious customers could get so I did my job with care. That was before I had any kids. It seems ages ago.

It's not so much getting something wrong on a specific order. I ask for no tomatos for my hubby and it has tomatoes. That's irritating but not the end of the world. There is one specific place I have in mind. I won't disclose what restaurant because that's really not my style. It's a well known fast food chain. It gets my order wrong every single time I have ever been there. I order a chicken taco, I get a steak burrito. I ordered a chicken taco the other day and got some strange beef taco with some tortilla chips in it. I am usually in a rush so I'll start counting things in the bag, trying to see if it's right. One time I actually thought hey, they got it all. Then I realized that with a yummy side dish I had been craving and was ready to dig into came with no forks I was less than thrilled. I was a good 30 minutes from home. What's worse is when you get no straws and you live that far from home. It's pretty much ice water by the time you get home. I have considered contacting the restaurant owner/manager or something. It's so bad that it's now a running joke that the order will be wrong whenever we go there. I wouldn't go if there were another restaurant nearby of the same type...but there isn't so I am stuck hoping whenever I get a craving, that they'll get it right.


Anonymous said...

oh don't get me started on this issue! i could go on for days!!! to me, there's no excuse. you have one job and that's to give me what i ordered. it's not hard, it's not time consuming. it's the ONLY thing you're expected to do!!! see? i can go on and on!

Sandee said...

Yep, this pretty much covers any fast food joint anywhere. It's really difficult to get the order your way. Or actually get what you ordered. A pet peeve of mine as well. Have a great day. :)

Dwayne said...

My 8 year old is the smartest when we go to a fast food joint, she will tell them straight up to let her see it before the put it in the bag. She loves her food and she makes sure it is right, she hates onions on it LOL. So now I have a habit of checking it myself.

If I am in a hurry and do not check it, bet my bottom dollar it will be cold.

Unknown said...

I am so with you on this! I hate when my order is wrong and don't get my kids started!

Jenni said...

Oooooh that burns me UP! And I have food allergies so I sometimes can't even eat my sandwich at all if they mess it up! Jerky-jerks!