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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shameless Promotion (ha! At my typo *shamless*. So glad I caught it)

Well, I have decided to put up an auction. I use Proactiv. *Gasp* Well I have since my 8 year old was a baby. It cleared it up and I've been ejoying clear skin for some time now. Sound like an informercial don't I? The difference is it's just me. I am just saying from MY experience it works. My past 2 shipments I got these free tubes of the Refining Mask. I am sure you've all seen the commerical where they put it on *Just a dab*. haha I always laugh at that. Anyway it's true. It works. I just have my own big tube that I bought so I don't really need these. Feel free to take a look. I put the price pretty low and especially since it was 2 tubes. You don't even have to use the system to try out the mask. If you have questions, I'll answer. Just let me know. It appears as though if click the pic it's not taking you to the just go here:


Paul Eilers said...

Sandi, do you think Proactiv would work on a 15 year old teenager?

He playes football and during the season, can get some acne flareups from wearing his helmet all the time.


Sandi said...

my selling this totally aside...yes I do. I never had any acne issues until the birth of my second child. It was after and I think it was hormones. With teens it's really the same thing. I absolutely endorse it 100%. I had such a problem and it's helped me for years. I just use this mask at night on the pimples if I have any (which I most often don't anymore) and it really helps. Hope that answer your question.