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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Follow Up Tomorrow!

Well I am ready. My follow up is tomorrow and I have myself all worked up really good just in time for it. I always have fears and get tense before them. This time I feel I do have something to really discuss with the doc though. See, I mentioned the heart tests before and the fluid that had been around my heart. I always wondered if they should have rechecked it. Their concern at the time was if it was a preexisting thing. That would be really bad. So, they did a second echo and determined it was from the tumor and would go away. That's great. I have always had heart palpitations though, since I was a teen so I guess that sort of stuck in my head as a concern. I still get them. On occasion and since about October of last year I started to feel what I thought at first could be wheezing inside me which scared me. It was a subtle, very faint vibration. Then I realized it's my heartbeat. Sometimes when it beats it a vibration. It's so hard to explain but put your body up against a very loud speaker and imagine the vibration and that's what I feel. I worry about effects from the chemo on my heart because that is indeed a risk. UGH. You are never free from it. The worries are always there and the lasting effects from the treatment are just as bothersome.

Combine all this with the fact that I get terrible back pain from sitting at my computer. I get tense no matter how much I stretch or move. I have to get up and really stretch things often and that is just to keep me from being in excruciating pain. Nothing totally makes it go away. Now I have had some good pains on my left side for some time now that is only getting worse. Top that off with the occasional numbness going down my left arm and pure panic sets in. I think I have a pinched nerve in my back truly. I think if I get that problem fixed a lot of other things will fall into place. I am kind of curious about a chiropractor. I am not sure if they will help or not. Still I am ready for my checkup tomorrow so my doc can ease my mind about some things.


Anonymous said...

That must be really scary, having to worry about these check-ups. I have always had a lot of pain in my lower back/neck & shoulders - I have tried different chairs and none of them worked, so I got my husband to set up everything for me by the sofa, so I have the keyboard on a tv tray and the monitor to the side on a small tv stand - this way I can lean my head and neck all the way against the back of the sofa, it worked amazingly - It's also nice because I'm right were the kids hang out so I can keep an eye on them without having to stop working.

Sandee said...

And then it's off on your trip. You will feel wonderful when you take off after your appointment.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Anonymous said...

Wishing you nothing but positive thoughts and a positive outcome for your follow up visit. Remember, take deep breaths and try to stay relaxed! I know, easier said than done. :-D

Wanda said...

Sandi, You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you have nothing but great news tomorrow. Think positively and we will all be looking forward to reading all of the great things the Dr. had to say to you.
Take care.... (((HUGS)))

Clara said...

Chiropractic has really helped me. I injured my neck quite badly. My neck in the X-ray looked like this >. No kidding. Several years later, I had to have an MRI of my cervical spine and the neurologist said it was amazing to have such a great spine at my age. I would highly recommend a good chiropractor. I pray that's all it will take to ease your pain.