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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a Small (Internet) World After All

It was a good Easter weekend minus one of the kiddos getting sicking literally minutes before my guests arrived. She threw up all over her bedroom floor. It was too late to call things off and so we quarantined her. It only lasted about 24 hours and she felt better. She was well taken care of but I felt so horrible that she didn't get to visit with her favorite cousin while he was here. Now this morning my 6 year old woke up with tummy pains. So, I guess it could be making it's rounds. If so, this is just the beginning. Or hopefully she is just faking it because she's not ready for her spring break to end quite yet.

Another exciting thing happened over the weekend. I received an e-mail from a woman who has been through what I have been through. She was diagnosed with NHL at 17 weeks pregnant. She is starting a website complete with forums designated to being pregnant with cancer. This diagnosis is a shocking and terrifying one. No one wants to believe that cancer and pregnancy can happen together, much less that you might just have to have treatment during it. It's a time when you feel very alone even with all your family and friends around you....because you need someone who knows, who has been there. A support group is so important. We find each other out here. Our stories seem so unique yet there are others out there.

This woman and I have so much in common too. I was reading her blog and read how she had shortness of breath, wheezing, crackling in the chest and the docs prescribed her asthma medications. Not only that but both of us got winded walking up a few stairs, bending over, picking things up yet we both convinced ourselves we were fine! How in the world did we do that? haha I couldn't believe all the similarities! I am so anxious to help start out this message board. I will post more here when it's all up and ready to go. I am sure it will be open to anyone willing to lend support and comfort to women going through this as well. I know that is so important to have a strong support system to make it through this. I hope when someone finds out they are going through this that because of our experiences another woman won't have to feel so scared.


Sandee said...

I hope no one else gets sick. I hate it when an illness makes the rounds.

How cool to be able to connect with another pregnant cancer patient. I'm betting you are going to be a lot of comfort for her.

Have a terrific day Sandi. :)

Toni Nakama said...

Hi Sandi. Everything happens for a reason. Your experiences have made you tough, strong and faithful. I am sure this woman will get much comfort from you knowing that eventhough you have experienced the same you are still very much alive and kicking. God bless.