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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Video Post in the Future Possibly?

I see a lot of video blog posts and I admit I like them. I like seeing who it is that is typing out the messages that I read all the time. I think it's a pretty creative idea. I thought maybe some day I'll get Gabbi and make a video of us together. She is obviously adorable and the cutest baby on the planet. (hee hee) I did post a video of her once on here. She was giggling and laughing then hit herself unexpectedly in the head with a toy. The latest cute thing she does is sing the chorus to Spongebob Squarepants. I am your typical doting mother who cannot get enough of it or getting her to do it for anyone who will listen. I sing the main verses and right on cue she sings "Bob bob bob bob" It isn't exactly how it goes, but it IS to the right tune!! haha It's adorable and she gets the shoulders in on it and the head starts bobbing up and down as well. If she is standing up you might get a little hip action too. Our kids do such cute things and of course every mom thinks their kid is the cutest!

I am in some ways SO eager for my follow up appointment on May 8 because I know that the nurses and my doc will just go crazy over her. She is a medical miracle and they all treat her as such. They say "It's the miracle baby" when we go in. They all know her by that. I love every single second of it.


Meaghan said...

I LOVE the idea! I did one and liked it and will probably do a couple from the hospital next week.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sandi...You'll have to watch my video blog of Zoe and I. She turned THREE yesterday!!!!


Bill said...

video post sounds interesting. I look forward to seeing it. Take care friend.

Lynn said...

I have been wanting to do more video for a while now. They are so much fun to do but take way more time than writing. But I think it's worth the effort.