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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Health Foods to Cure Cancer? I Don't Think So.

It's amazing how cruel some people are. Yes cruel. As soon as I was diagnosed with cancer it seems the ads came rolling in. I got them on my blogs. I got them in my e-mail. I got them from supposedly legitimate people. They would tell me to "open" my mind and try their diet to CURE my cancer. I have been told to stay away from the dangerous drugs and basically eat a diet of rabbit food and I'll be all better. What I have to say to these people is thanks for trying to kill me. No amount of juice, leaves, or anything else like that is going to destroy a tumor. At least not anything they have found yet. I had been given 3 weeks without treatment or I would have died. Should I have said no to drugs? Should I have said no to the medicine however harsh it may be, and eaten a diet that someone out there from God knows where created in hopes that the natural way would cure me? It's not going to.

I read recently about a young boy diagnosed with Hodgkin's whose mother let him have one treatment and is now making him change his diet in hopes it will cure him. She is killing him. There is no doubt. I do eat vegetables. My father is a gardener and always has been. I live in a small town where most people live off their gardens in the summer. My whole life I have been no stranger to vegetables. I love them. I love fruit. I love my bad foods too, but I do try to limit myself as anyone who knows me knows.

My point is if you send me a comment NOW offering your diet to cure me I know two things. Number one you did not read ANY of my blog because as I have stated in my tag line, at the top of my blog and everywhere else I am in remission. I have been now for a year. So that is the first turn off. Surprisingly I get these a lot. Number two, how can anyone in their right mind offer someone who is so sick and possibly dying a diet that is unproven and never cured cancer (or you would be rich and in every newspaper and magazine in the world for curing cancer). How can someone do that? You are no better than a murderer. You are doing it for a couple of bucks and taking advantage of someone at their weakest. So please, if I follow a diet it will be at my doctor's advice. I will follow the latest medical information if I need to. I won't be listening to your e-mails or comments that offer up some magical cure. All I can think is shame on you.


Sandee said...

I'm so with you on this one. We had a lady around the corner that just died of cancer. She refused treatment and did the healthy diet route. It didn't work.

I know a couple in our yacht club that refuses to see a doctor. They do everything via food to combat high blood pressure and so forth. It doesn't work. It may help, but you need a doctor. I was told by this person that the pills I'm taking will kill me. I said, it will kill me quicker if I don't take them.

You stick to your guns Sandi. You survived because your doctors knew what to do.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sonja Dupor said...

I completely agree. I find it very disturbing when parents refuse treatment for their kids because of misinformation and especially when they follow their faiths blindly. They may have their kids' best interests at heart but why risk the lives of their kids by ignoring proven medical procedures.

Kate Burton said...

You are wonderful! I've been saying the same thing, especially in the case of the young man who's mother is killing him. Not only is health food not going to "cure" my cancer but some things, like grapefruit and green tea can actually interfere with chemo. Keep up the good work, all we can do is spread the word.

Unknown said...

I have to say that I don't believe in the diet/tea/yoga sh%t as a way to combat all of these illnesses. I have suffered from depression my whole life and have been told over and over that if I just ate this, or didn't eat that, etc, etc, etc. Trust me, if I could eat myself out of depression it would have already been done.

I do know a woman who claims to have fought off uterine cancer with diet/herbs/extracts/and whatever else she used. Her cancer was caught at the very earliest stage and when she decided to go that route, she specifically limited herself to a time period. "Doctors, please give me X amount of time to see if I can kick this on my own. If I haven't we'll try your way." Somehow she did it. Miracle, maybe?

What gets me about her story is that she had always been a woman who chose her diet carefully, she took herbs and extracts, did yoga, massage, all those things. How did she end up with cancer in the first place? (I mean if you go by the thought of diets and such being able to cure cancer, you'd think it would be able to prevent it as well).

Anonymous said...

thats crazy that people would try to sell you that. Some folks will take advantage of folks for money. Hateful people.

skywind said...

Yes, health food, after all, is not a drug, so the treatment of cancer if an cure with health food is incredible.
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Ori said...

This is the first time I hear that yoga can cure cancer :-D
I was quite active with yoga last year, and my club always has some yoga magazines and informations around, and in one the magazines that I read I found an article about a yoga guru who just passed away because of cancer.

I think I'd never heard anywhere before that yoga claims to cure cancer, but maybe it can help to relax people who suffers any illness.

manindo said...

There are so many people that make advantage on other people's suffer.

Melissa said...

Spam from people trying to push their products on people. I get them all the time. I got so mad I left a comment asking them to please not spam my blog with their products. I do not know if the comment ever made it to be seen, I am sure they deleted it. I think there are times when Cancer can be prevented by certain diets, but once the tumor is there, I highly doubt eating rabbit is going to help.

Anonymous said...

Good for you!

Paul Eilers said...

We all have different life experiences and have a right to our own opinions.

I have a friend who had leukemia. It went into remission. Then it came back a few years later. He died when he was just 32 years old and left behind a wife who was eight months pregnant.

My grandfather had cancer. We believe the cure was worse than the disease, because as soon as he started treatment, he died within a few months.

My father also died of cancer. He did everything his doctors told him to do, and it left him disabled and unable to breathe on his own.

My friend and family members did not bother to change their diets once they were diagnosed with cancer. They only sought traditional medical treatments.

Yet I have a friend who is now 91 years old. But when she was seventy-five, Mrs. Gravely's health was so bad her family considered a full-time nurse. Then one day, a friend educated her about health and nutrition. So she changed her diet and added whole-food nutritional supplements to her daily routine. It took two years, but gradually Mrs. Gravely turned her health around - and never did get that nurse.

When we first married, my wife wore glasses and had to wear them to drive, go to the movies or watch a game. Then we started juicing and taking whole-food nutritional supplements. About a year later, to our surprise, she no longer needed to wear glasses.

So when it comes to health and nutrition, these are the life experiences I have lived and seen.

I'm all for medical doctors. We have a two year old son, and he has been to a doctor a handful of times. And we received the best of medical treatment when my wife gave birth to him.

But at the same time, when it comes to our health, we're proactive. I read about cancer and other health issues on a regular basis.

According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D. a neurosurgeon and professor at the University of Mississippi, cancer can take up to forty years to develop. He also believes cancer is preventable and treatable. He says the key to understanding cancer is inflammation. He also believes cancer cells are almost completely dependent on glucose for survival. Finally, he teaches that environmental factors play a key role when it comes to cancer. He's also a big advocate of proper nutrition.

Another doctor I like to read is Dr. Andrew Saul, Ph.D. He concurs with doctors like Dr. Blaylock.

Finally, I like to read Dr. Heidi Dulay. Her ongoing quest for all things healthy started with battling cervical cancer in her thirties. Now, more than twenty years later, she's in peak health and lives to spread the word.

More than one out of three people are now diagnosed with cancer.

The question is why?

And what are you doing to beat the odds?


Eat Well. Live Well.

Ciela said...

Been there too, Sandi! I almost believed a friend who's been persuading me to come with her to an herbalist to treat my cancer. But hubby reminded me that this is no migraine nor ordinary cold. "You're fighting the big C, you should remember!" That was his words that brought me back to my senses. I wonder if I'd still be around by now if I turned my back on conventional medicine. God is good!

Christie said...

I also had people who tried to get me to use certain supplements or a special diet. But they were distant friends who didn't know what else to do or say after my diagnosis. I honestly believe they had my best interest at heart, unlike the people who were trying to prey on you. I kindly told them no thank you, I will do my best to follow a healthy diet while I follow my doctor's treatment plan.

Nhil said...

I'm sorry to hear that Sandi. But it happens everyday to all of us regardless of health condition. There are a lot of people who would fake their concern only to push their selfish motives. They almost forgot how to be sensitive enough and be genuinely concerned to other people's welfare.

Managing Clinical Data said...

I do know my uncle who claims to have fought off cancer with diet/herbs/extracts/and whatever else she used. His cancer was caught at the very earliest stage and when she decided to go that route, she specifically limited herself to a time period. "Doctors, please give me X amount of time to see if I can kick this on my own" Somehow she did it.

Jude said...

First of all congrats on your remission and you have a beautiful family. My son died from cancer recently and I was furious at his father for suggesting he should check out the health food route instead of chemo and radiation. He had always had checkups, but they simply didn't find the cancer till it was too late and it was already stage 4 he lived 5 months from the day they found it.

o2bhiking said...


I hate to see those stories about kids with curable cancers that are not getting treatment. It is so sad.

It is funny, when I was on chemo I could rarely enjoy fruits and vegetables. They made me feel sick. I normally love them. I mainly could only stomach starchy stuff. I still remember one day when I felt well enough to eat a ripe and juicy peach, and really enjoy it. I felt like I had gone to heaven - such a simple thing but that memory is still so strong even 7 years later.

Once cancer starts, diet is not going to cure it. Period.

Eat well. Excercise. Stay involved. Keep your brain active. Do good deeds. Make a difference. Laugh and love. Live each day. In the end, life is going to kill us all no matter what, so enjoy the trip and be kind to others and to animals along the way. :)