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Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Thoughts on Healthy Eating

I want to clarify yesterday when I referred to no healthy diet will cure cancer I am referring to once you are already very sick there is nothing magical out there that will make it go away. If you have ever been that sick, you realize you will try about anything not necessarily even to save your life but to just feel better for 5 minutes.

I believe in healthy eating. I absolutely think many foods help fight the development of cancer. That is a great thing and by all means add those things to your diet. I just get a lot of spam ads. I get people trying to shove these diets down my throat (obviously thinking I still have cancer) like those teeth whitening ads you see everywhere. haha

Anyway I do try to eat healthy, but you know I am not going to stop living. It seems everything causes cancer these days. We can no longer enjoy anything. Every day we find out something else we did 25 years ago that can give us cancer now. You can't change anything. What's done is done. We can try to live NOW the best and most healthy as we possibly can but as I have stated before, I am not giving up everything. I will enjoy life and all it has to offer. If that means a cheeseburger every once in a while? I am having a cheeseburger.


Unknown said...

Amen sister!

schizoshrink said...

nice post!

Me And Craig said...

I agree ...
Life's much to short not to have a cheeseburger (or lovely sweet treat) once in awhile!