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Saturday, June 13, 2009

An Interesting Week

Actually there has been a lot going on for me this week. It's been crazy really. Between school and Gabbi getting a fever the very first day of class, then other things that I can't really write about here unfortunately.

The hubby was the first to get sick. Gabriella had JUST gotten over her illness for about 2 weeks then bam. Hubby gets hit hard with a sore throat, running nose, and all that good stuff. People were calling in sick to work. It didn't look good. Then Gabbi caught it. We are on day four of a fever AGAIN. It seems not as bad today and I am thinking it might be on it's way out. Her nose is totally stuffed while at the same time running like mad. I feel sorry for her but don't feel it's too unusual. At this age the immune systems are catching these things for the first time and each illness strengthens it. It's all a part of the process. She seems happy and playful regardless of the terrible cold she has.

Last night it was a good friend's birthday and he and some other friends came over to celebrate. It wasn't a wild crazy get together but just some friends having a nice visit. I enjoyed it. It's been a while since I have seen everyone really. I needed it too after this week. I am back to the books now. Gabbi is probably due for a nap soon. I am hoping this illness will make it's way OUT. I started to feel a sore throat 2 days ago. It progressively felt worse, but nothing major. I figured it was my turn. Right now? I have totally lost my voice. Yep. Laryngitis. I cannot talk without whispering. My neck feels sore. Other than that though my nose is not stuffed and I feel ok. So I hope beyond HOPE this does NOT get worse. I cannot miss class. I have a math test Monday!


Dumb Mom said...

Good luck with your test. Hope Gabby feels better soon:)

MaryAnne said...

Hope your test went/goes well today, and that you are all feeling better!