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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Passing Around the Colds

So far, I am still healthy. The hubby however is an entirely different story. He has a terrible sore throat, lots of sniffling, the whole works. I definitely don't like seeing him suffer and he is working as well. The biggest problem for me at the moment is that Gabbi caught it. She had just gotten totally over her other sickness and the sniffles started. Then she was seriously clogged up and a little cough. She seemed bothered last night so I assumed she might have a sore throat too. Her dad does, and it's his most bothersome symptom. I hate when they cannot tell us what is wrong. I am just going on what her dad is feeling and assuming she is feeling it too. This morning she woke up with a slight fever and lots of green drainage. I hope there is no infections going on. They did have us stop that Zithromax the last time. I am not sure what to think but hopefully it's not flu or anything. That would just make my year. I gave her a little Motrin and the fever vanished which I feel is a great sign. She's playing and looking fine. So I can only hope it's not the beginning of an entirely new week of her feeling horrible. It's horrible when I have tons of school work to do!

Top all that off with Angel's lip problem. It's still swollen so huge. It looks all white inside now where the cut is. She and my daughter Mikayla got bitten by some killer mosquitoes or something. Mikayla has a bit on her cheek and it's swollen and firm in the middle. Her cheek is fat. Now Angelina has a bite between her eyebrows and it's done the same thing. It's swollen and firm. It's caused her eyes to look further apart! It's weird. She has this swollen lip and now big swollen bite between her eyes. I told her it might be best to stay inside today. haha As my hubby and I always say, it's always SOMETHING.


Sandee said...

Raising a family is hard work. A labor of love, but hard work. Your husband is right...It's always something.

Have a terrific day. :)

Glynis Peters said...

Oh dear you took me right back many years with that story. I had a knee op, DH had me in bed plus 3 children, 3,5,7. They caught a tummy bug at the same time, I was woozy from anaesthetic, and couldn't help. He had bowls, buckets and cloths everywhere.
yes there is always something! Hope your little ones get on ok.

Brillie said...

please keep ypur spirit up! I like your blog.. keep writing mom

Sherri said...

Amen to that! I'm sorry to hear about Angelina's lip. Ouch! Hope things get better soon.

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