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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kids are Resilient

Angelina is doing just fine and the doctor said no stitches. He said because the wound is inside of her mouth it's best to let it heal on it's own. If it were on the outside they would have stitched it. She finally stop gushing blood. Her tooth is still hanging there with some blue gums above it. It looks bruised. I am pretty sure it was a baby tooth. I am supposed to take her to the dentist this week to be sure of it. It's a small tooth so I am 99% sure. Here are a couple of pics of the damaged little girl. I did some rough housing as a kid myself. I never did manage to break any bones surprisingly. My sister had to get stitches in her top lip once though. My dad had this ramp that he used to get animals to walk up into his truck. (We had a small farm) We loved climbing up on that ramp when they weren't using it. Of course we were repeatedly told not to do that. We would run up it and jump off the end. One day my sister jumped off the end and said ouch. She had hurt her lip. We all started walking away not thinking too much of it. My sister was crying and holding her mouth. My aunt and mother came out, angry at us for jumping off the ramp. Then my aunt noticed my sister's lip. It was split totally in half. She had jumped off the ramp. The problem being there was a nail jutting outside that we hadn't noticed, but her lip sure did. Long story short she need her lip stitched up. She's all grown up now. haha This sure reminded me of that day. Oh and here are those pictures of my little girl with her very swollen lip. I told her she kind of looks like a duck today. haha

This is a picture of the actual wound. I linked it for those who would rather not see the cut. It's not looking as bad today but still not pretty! So click here if you want to see it.

Here is the swollen lip. Click to view a larger image.


Quadmama said...

Oh thank goodness she's doing better... poor thing. I'm just waiting for the day one of my girls needs either stitches or a cast... it's just a rite of passage, right??

Sandee said...

Now comes the other part. No salt or anything spicy that would hurt. Eating will be a big deal for awhile.

I'm glad she's going to be okay and that there weren't any need for stitches. I checked out the link to the photograph. Yikes, that's a pretty big ouch.

Have a terrific day. :)

MaryAnne said...

I'm glad she's doing better and that you were able to avoid stitches! You're right, kids are resilient, thankfully!