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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gabbi's First Picture Day and Studying the Wrong Book

Just check out my other blog for details on the wrong book thing. I am just so devastated and no it was not my fault. Well .00005% my fault. haha But truly I put in a lot of hard work and the school book store had given me the wrong book.

As for Gabbi she had pictures done yesterday. I am so excited to get them back! I will have proofs to choose from later in the week I believe.

We have had a busy week with my inlaws who came up for a visit from North Carolina. The hubby has twin brothers. We are having a wonderful time. I hope to post pics soon.

I am doing great. You know I always feel like I should post an update on me and my health but plain and simple I feel good right now. I get really tired but that could be the lack of sleep, studies and four kids. I have some neck pressure but it comes and goes. My neck vein still bulges, it never stopped. I get some tension headaches but then again I don't know if I can blame that on anything other than ME.

I have a follow up coming next month. I will have more blood work. I am getting close to two years in remission. I am excited about that.

The bad news I regret to post is my dad is not doing well at all. They want to admit him tonight back into the hospital. My mom quickly said his blood work came back bad and something about this bacterial blood infection he had not getting better with the antibiotics they gave him. Plain and simple? I am worried about my dad. He has stayed in pain, not gotten better when the docs say he should. He's not eating. He's not drinking. I am scared. The doctors want to get into his pancreas surgically to check for cancer. I am nervous so prayers would be appreciated. He will have this surgery soon is my best guess.

After such a bad note I ask you to vote for me again. I don't know if you remember but you can vote once a day. Thank you so much! You can click the link below or my pic to the right of my blog.

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maryanne said...

I'm sorry your dad is doing so poorly.

I just voted for you, thanks for the reminder!

Jackie said...

Sorry to hear about your dad but glad to hear the news about you!

I will pray the results say still in remission!!

Love to you and Gabbi!

Hitesh Rawat said...


'll be waiting for pics......

one two things.....

first....i thought fighting cancer was tough...but wat u doing now also isn't that easy..4 kids....recovering for cancer....and studying.... its a lot..... you do good....\,,,/

second....i think we can more than once a just need to turn off and on your modem or router..and it allows you to vote again....... i tried it....a couple of weeks ago.....