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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sometimes I Wish

I really do wish I could experience normal things without worrying. I have a wisdom tooth issue. They are growing in sideways. I need to have them surgically removed, or so they say. My insurance wants me to pay a lot of the bill or I would. Regardless every now and then my wisdom tooth on the left side acts up. It will start to hurt, just a bit and when it does I can feel the lymph node under my jaw swell and it hurts. Having had a lymphoma, I can't have a lymph node swell without worrying. It always coincides with the tooth pain and I can SEE the tooth trying to grow. I need to get it out! Who else has had wisdom tooth issues?? I hear it's pretty painful. *bites nails* ;)

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Unknown said...

I had the bottom left wisdom tooth come in sideways and I didn't get it taken care of and it got worse. I ended up having to have it out and the one next to it. I felt so much better after they were out. I'd say the pain after the surgery was a little worst than than original tooth pain for a few days. And it took me quite a while to heal because I have lupus. The surgery itself didn't hurt but I had valium, predisone, and laughing gas!