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Monday, October 13, 2008

Biopsy Surgery was Bad.....Port Surgery?

Well, my port surgery in itself was not bad. Port surgery is so hard to explain. I had no idea what it even was before I had it done. I am including a picture of the port itself. I had to be put to sleep to have it done. It was only a 30 minute surgery. They woke me up by literally pulling me out of bed and dragging me to the bathroom. I was so out of it. I was bandaged for awhile but when the bandages were off I had a hard lump in my chest with a tube you can totally feel going up and then disappearing somewhere inside. The tube went into a vein...this distributed the chemo without lots of pokes into the veins in my arms. The needle wasn't exactly small. It had to penetrate the plastic port in my chest. I was always told to take a deep breath and they'd push it in. It was never a pleasant experience but you do get used to it. My nurses could never get my blood to come out of this thing. It's supposed to, but it would never work. My chemo thankfully did go INTO it alright so I didn't have to have that in the arm. I got poked and prodded so much back then. Getting a needle now is just not a big thing to me at all.

Having the port removed was another story. They kept me awake for that. If you go back and read my old posts you can see what I wrote the day it happened. Basically I had a bigger scar there from the original port surgery than the doc thought I should. So he tried to cut away the scar and extra tissue while removing the port thinking it would look better. This scar got so bad and grew all fat. It's not as long as the biopsy scar but it itches more and occasionally gets stabbing pains in it. This happens out of the blue and only on occasion. I won't complain. It's more annoying than anything. I am including pics of the needle and port so you can get an idea of what I mean. I put a picture of the port in my chest in my earlier post about the ugy side of cancer.

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