Monday, October 13, 2008

Writing Too Much

I have never really been plagued with writer's block. Actually once I get going it's hard to shut me up. I think that can be just as big of a problem though. You certainly don't want to stray way off topic as I sometimes do. I have a lot of things in my head to write about. I sometimes think of something, forget it and then remember it later. Even in high school when our teacher would tell us to write so many words I would have trouble cutting my piece DOWN while others had trouble filling up the required space. I plan on writing about radiation which I don't think I have really went into a whole lot of detail about, at least recently. I want to discuss my 2 thyroid biopsies. I had superior vena cava syndrome, one of the very major symptoms that the tumor was causing major problems before we knew it was a tumor. I can think of so many things, I just hope I can remember them when I want to! If you out there as readers have a specific question regarding cancer, or a special treatment let me know. I just thought of another thing. I had a certain kind of chemo regularly used for treating Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It is called ABVD. Each drug has a long and rather hard to pronounce name. Each comes with it's own side effects. This particular regimen was not the one they used to use for Hodgkin's. I think it's fairly new as far as chemo goes. I think. I have to look that up. Anyway, I am giving you sort of a glimpse into what I plan on writing about soon. So look for my new posts regularly.

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