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Saturday, October 25, 2008

What Gabriella Has Done For Me

28 Weeks Pregnant in this Pic

A comment on my blog just recently made me think of how others might perceive my story. One thing I really want to stress is my story is one of hope and happiness. We have a happy ending. No pregnant woman would ever imagine having cancer while pregnant, much less enduring chemo during your pregnancy when you are already cutting off everything from aspirin to cough medicine. I know I talk about the bad side but let's face it, cancer is never something happy to talk about. I was very sick. But let me tell you, from day one Gabriella did wonderfully. Everyone expected something to go wrong really. It didn't. I think the doctors did. I had everything from anesthesia, surgeries, vicodin (which I rarely took), heparin, and various chemo drugs. I even had a blood transfusion after my surgery. All this stuff is going through my body but still, I just had a very strong peace that she would be ok. I prayed hard through it all. I had a lot of others praying for us too. I saw high risk doctors and had non stress tests on baby and they were all perfect. Gabriella was born and she was perfect. She didn't have any ill effects from the chemo or other drugs. She is almost one now and she's still doing great. I am in remission and I feel wonderful. I worry sometimes but that is so normal. I really thank Gabriella for saving my life. I know it sounds strange but it's true. My pregnancy that was totally unplanned by the way, saved my life. The mild symptoms I had had for years become so much worse. The hormones from pregnancy among other things made it harder to breathe. I didn't expect to have another child but I believe her life was meant to be whether I planned it or not. I am thankful for each and every breath I take. I know what's important in life and I have grown and learned so much from the experience that I had. I look into my little girl's eyes and we share a special bond. We'll always have that...forever. One day she'll know her story and she'll know just how amazing she is. I know already how very strong she is. I can't imagine my life without my little miracle baby.


Erin Tales said...

I definitely think your daughter was a miracle. :hugs:

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart darlin! I just saw a show on The Doctors (same channel as Oprah) about two ladies that had cancer while they were pregnant, then I came across your blog. I am very happy to hear you are in remission and you and your daughter are in my prayers. I came by to let you know I gave you an award. Come on over to Smoothie Land to get it.

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Hi. I just found your blog. Your story is so inspiring. I'm glad that you & your baby are doing good.