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Monday, November 17, 2008

Entrecard for Traffic to Your Site

I have been using Entrecard now for about 2 months. I joined it not really sure what it was. I was simply trying to increase traffic to my site. I wanted people to see my blog. I enjoy writing and I was doing it before anyone really knew it was here. Still it would be nice to know others were reading and getting to know my story. So, I joined Entrecard as just one of the many things I found to increase traffic. It has so far been the one thing that increased my traffic the most. I have this Blog of the Day widget to the right here. It says "Get One" if you don't have an account under the picture. Well basically this is a buisness card. You go to other sites that have a card and you drop yours. They come here and drop theres. It's any easy way to find new blogs. Lots of the time people just drop and run but I can't tell you how many people say they found me through entrecard and stopped because they liked what they were reading. I try to keep content good. I thought I'd share with all my readers about entrecard. Dropping cards earns you credits on their site and others dropping on you earns you more credits. You then buy advertisements such as the one on this page to put on others sites. It gets your site out there. People click on your card. My traffic pretty much doubled when I joined. So give it a try. I recommend it. You'll hear differing opinions. You do need to make sure you keep the widget on your page. Don't have music on your page because honestly that irritates some people and I believe it can get you deleted from Entrecard. Read the rules. Some have gotten deleted and didn't know why. I also use Blog Catalog, Blog Log, Twitter, Digg, Technorati, among others. Yet Entrecard has really been the best for me. Hope you all have success with it too!


Unknown said...

Hope you have a great week.

God bless.

Sandee said...

Entrecard is how I found you. You are now in my Google reader and although I'm not here every single day, I consider myself one of your regulars.

So, I ♥ Entrecard too. Have a great day. :)