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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Old Man Winter is Tapping on the Window

Yeah I think he wants in. We had some snow recently, which always surprises me in November. I guess it shouldn't. I remember years though when I was a kid and I begged and begged God for snow. I wouldn't see so much as a flake until January. It's sad for me when I see no snow on Christmas. It's just how I have been conditioned I think. Still, I love a snowy Christmas morning. It sets the whole mood.

The snow we got was on the 17th. It came down pretty hard for about 15 minutes. I was surprised when I looked out the window and I picked Gabriella up and tried to make her look at it, since technically she wouldn't remember snow from last year. This is kinda her first experience. She didn't care though and I also think she thought I was sorta nuts so I quit bothering her.

The snow didn't stick but the cold sure did. I hate cold. Hate. I will be OK with a quick dash to the car and begging the heater to hurry up and heat me but any longer and I turn into a real baby. My toes go numb no matter how many socks I have on or how thick my boots are. I could have a turtleneck and a giant coat. Still, I go numb.

This reminds me of the most odd of all symptoms I had before I was diagnosed last year. I think there is actually a name for it. I do not remember what it was though. I had been outside in the cold. I was freezing but needed to run back to the store. I was feeling short of breath at this time but not at my worst yet. I was still believing it was thyroid related. Anyway, I put my purse in the crook of my arm and got ready to walk out the door. I had still been rubbing my hands together trying to warm up my fingers. I noticed one finger in particular was painfully numb. I looked down in aggravation and the top of half of I believe my ring finger was white. White as a sheet of paper. Just the top half. The bottom was good and pink/red. I blinked a couple of times, not sure what I was seeing. I wondered if the cold had anything to do with it...or did I hang my purse on my arm and pinch a vein...but that's weird. Why the top half. I showed the hubby and started rubbing the finger trying to get the color to return. The finger looked dead. It was scary white. I can't even explain it. I rubbed and rubbed and nothing. Hubby rubbed. Nothing. I started thinking I was gonna lose my finger if the blood flow didn't return soon. I ran it under warm water thinking the cold had something to do with it. Nothing. I rubbed more. Finally I turned on hot water and rubbed up and down on the finger like crazy and it was just insane watching the blood flow return to that finger. I saw it coming back into the finger from bottom to tip.

It was the wildest thing I swear that happened to me simply because I have NEVER heard of that before. I always get a little nervous when my fingers go numb now but honestly I think it was the pressure of the tumor on the veins so probably not something that should ever happen again. Still.....scary!


Sandee said...

Yep, that numb finger thing would indeed be scary. Yikes.

I'm not a winter fan. We don't get snow and lots of folks were shorts year round, but I'm not a fan of winter.

Have a great day. :)

Anonymous said...

it is very nice to meet you

Unknown said...

We are snowed in here, so I know that feeling. I have my granddaughter this weekend I am just hoping we will be able to get her hoe, if not she is staying at Nana & Papas until then, lol! Like she won't love that right? Happy Sunday! Maybe you could drop my blog sometime and say hello.

Ciela said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and I got hooked right after reading your posts. I'm a cancer survivor too, but mine is breast ca. I greatly admire your courage and outlook in life. You're an inspiration to other cancer survivors! God bless!